I Hate Stupidly Opinionated People

Nov 27, 2012 04:04

A gay friend of mine took to twitter to say that girls who hook up guys who like guys are stupid and lack self-respect. :rolling my FUCKING eyes:

Gay people who say dumb shit like that are the worst. You, of all people, should know that not everyone thinks the same (except, the person I'm talking about is one of those people who thinks everyone ( Read more... )

bullshit, wtf?!, seriously?

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hoeann November 28 2012, 05:44:30 UTC
this post makes me think of most of the people I can't stand.

and mostly of my sister, the baby. the one who gets married to get paid more, cheats on her husband while he's deployed, and tries to give our cousin "relationship advice" while waiting for her divorce to be finalized...the same one that said I was "embarrassing" on Thanksgiving...

I get shitfaced once a year. EVERYONE I know... knows this, they live for happy goofy, retarded drunk me the same time every year. I am never ashamed of getting plastered on Thanksgiving...

You know what's embarrassing? That no matter what my sister had done since her troubled years to make her more "responsible" her reputation will never leave her. When people ask me who I'm related to and I say: "Oh I'm Christi's sister..." I get that sad look that says, "I'm so sorry." What's embarrassing is that people still make me feel embarrassed to be her sister sometimes. Especially when people STILL talk shit about her, and it's so much shit as it is the cold hard truth.



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