I Hate Stupidly Opinionated People

Nov 27, 2012 04:04

A gay friend of mine took to twitter to say that girls who hook up guys who like guys are stupid and lack self-respect. :rolling my FUCKING eyes:

Gay people who say dumb shit like that are the worst. You, of all people, should know that not everyone thinks the same (except, the person I'm talking about is one of those people who thinks everyone thinks exactly him. Go figure.) Who the fuck are you to judge someone else on what they do or who they hook up with if both people are willing and want it? You're sick. I personally think polyamorous relationships are stupid but you don't agree. At least I don't judge the people in those relationships and say that they desire attention and are selfish. You are so assbackwards sometimes that I truly can't deal. Especially since you try to fuck straight guys all the time. Then again, you don't even think straight guys exist. You need to grow up.

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bullshit, wtf?!, seriously?

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