Vampiric Non-Spuffy, Best Icon, Judge/Mod's Choice and Best Author Section Winners!

Oct 19, 2009 17:48

Award Banners for Vampiric Non-Spuffy, Best Icon, Judge’s and Mod’s Choice, and Best Author are behind the cut! Text post only can be found here.


Best Het

Winner: Last Train Leaving Wonderland by liz_marcs (vamp!Xander/vamp!Faith)

Runner Up: and every breath we drew was (hallelujah) by biggrstaffbunch (Buffy/Angel)

Best Slash

Winner: Fragments in Hard Voyages by lynnenne (Spike/Angel, Spike/Buffy, Angel/Buffy)

Winner: Crazed by Spikeskat (Spike/Oz)

No runner up due to tie for winner.

Best Heat

Winner: Come the Dawn by Snowpuppies (Spike/Dawn)

Runner Up: Memory Shines Like Teeth and Moonlight by lynnenne and kita0610 (Spike/Angel)

Most Original

Winner: Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)

Runner Up: Automated Utopia by fenderlove (Spike/Fred)

Runner Up: Kin of Soul by Lit Gal (Xander/Angel)

Best Fluffy/Lighthearted

Winner: Angel’s (Not So Much) Inner Monologue by Girlpire (Spike/Angel)

Runner Up: Temporal Insanity by Nautibitz (Angel/Cordelia)

Best Angst/Dark

Winner: Freedom Isn't Free by Snogged (Angelus/Riley)

Runner Up: The Secret by Gabrielle (Willow/Angel)

Best Short

Winner: Unthinkable by Sevendeadlyfun (Wesley/Angelus)

Runner Up: Deja-Bleu by sockmonkeyhere (Spike/Fred)

Best Long/Saga

Winner: Automated Utopia by fenderlove (Spike/Fred)

Runner Up: Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)


Best Icon

Winner: Icon #18 by amyxaphania aka ducktheduck

Runner Up: Hostile 17 (last icon) by sentine (Spike)

Runner Up: Giles/Faith Icon (#6) by kargrif

Judge’s Choice

Memory Shines Like Teeth and Moonlight by lynnenne and kita0610 (Spike/Angel)

She Will Remember Him? by Moscow_watcher

Deja-Bleu by sockmonkeyhere (Spike/Fred)

Whispers by Abby

Exiles by Nwhepcat (Oz, Sam Winchester BtVS/SPN crossover)

Whispers by Abby

Mod’s Choice

Songs FromThe Cellar by pfeifferpack

Domestic Bliss by nomelon (Spike/Riley)

The Widening Gyre by Cindergal

The Gap by Snowpuppies (Spike/Xander, Dracula)

The Worst Journey in the World by Shapinglight

Ministers of Grace by penny_lane_42 (Drusilla)

Best Author

Winner: seductivembrace

Runner Up: nwhepcat

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