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Feb 12, 2013 23:28

09 | the ship you want to see being a trainwreck tragedy because they're too alike

We've got a lot in common, me and you...Both stuck in the rain. Both miserable.

There's a common theme in nearly all the ships of my ~soul. That theme is pretty much summed up by the gif + quote above. Nine out of ten times, I gravitate towards relationship dynamics in fiction where two people connect out of a similar sense of isolation. It's not just that two characters are both lonely at the same time and wind up clinging to each other; it's that they're also keenly conscious of how "apart" they are as individuals from the people around them -- and almost even revel in it. It's the "us v.s. the world", "nobody knows you/me like I/you do because I/you know the real me/you", "I can be alone with you" mentality. Which can be unhealthily codependent (\o/) for obvious reasons. But goddamn if it doesn't get me almost every time.

And in a lot of ways I feel like Cook and Effy are the epitome of the above. They're the ~birds of a feather~ in gen. 2 -- equally damaged, charming, wild, self-destructive, disillusioned with people/relationships, etc; they spark from day one and understand each other instinctively; when everyone else rejects them, they seek out each other. Of course, there are some pretty notable differences between them -- Cook is far more emotionally open and volatile, for one. But it doesn't quash the instinctive ability to see through each other. What they have isn't particularly romantic because romance isn't the point.

Probably one of the single most significant Effy moments in the series for me takes place towards the end of 4.07: after experiencing some weird memory loss and then almost being hit by a car, she's saved by Cook and then recognizes him in one of her most vulnerable moments as her "friend" ("how could I forget"). This coming from the girl who once archly declared that she doesn't have friends. To conclude: OTP.

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