women love fest day seven: fic recs

Sep 15, 2011 18:34

ACK, new episode soon. I'M FUCKING NERVOUS, LOL. HOLD ME.

Anyhoo, last day! Have some recs. I have recced some Elena fic around the place before, but I went digging for more just for this. This was a task. Nobody writes Elena. :( Boo. But here's some good stuff.

the world has turned and left me here (Elena & Tyler) by softly-me

Elena hadn’t even realized how much she’d changed until this moment. Tyler’s looking at her like she’s still the girl that broke his best friend’s heart, the girl that sat next to him in algebra, that girl his mother made him be nice to. She isn’t any of those girls anymore. She’s the girl who just killed someone with her boyfriend and can’t even feel guilty about it.

The End of the Line (Stefan/Elena) by goldy-dollar

She’s just not sure that she cares. Oh, she knows that she should care. She knows it’s easy to stand here in the quiet of the Salvatore mansion, in the bedroom they share, rifling through their things and not blame him-and that the reality of finding him could make things very, very different. But even then, she’s not sure there’s anything she wouldn’t do to get him back.

These Lines and These Walls (Stefan/Elena) by awesomemorning

Dear Stefan,

I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry. I feel like I need to apologize to you, over and over again. I’m sorry I let this happen. I’m sorry that this had to happen to you. I’m so sorry. I’m scared. I’m scared of the person you are being forced to be, I’m scared that you’re hurt. I’m scared. I love you so much. I’ll try to be braver, I promise.


Mad World by stainofmylove

She doesn’t deserve it. She’s just a girl.

Look at You, Saving the World on Your Own by lit-chick08

One night, she climbs onto the railings, one foot in front of the other, hands outstretched like a gymnast. The drop is not far, and the rushing waters are not unfathomably deep; she would not die if she fell.

this is the story (damon/elena/stefan) by youcallitwinter

They're both looking at her and it's a little ridiculous how loved she is, the girl who killed her parents. Karma probably got lost in the way to her house, mistook Jenna for her.

“this is a gift, it comes with a price” by vie-dangerouse

It's Elena's last birthday, and only one person remembers. It's not the person Elena would expect.

catch a dying star, put it in your pocket (Damon/Elena) by mollivanders

“How dare you,” Elena manages before she grabs at his throat and slams him backward over a desk, staring down at him, desperate for an outlet more than ever. “How could you?”

Damon doesn’t answer at first, doesn’t pretend not to know what she’s talking about, just waits for her rage to simmer down before he grips her wrist and pulls her off him, standing within an inch of her to even the field.

“Because you didn’t need to hear me say it,” he answers and Elena wants to hurt him, wants to make him feel as empty as she does now that she remembers, so she shoves him back on his bed, trying to decide.

These Things I Know (OT3) by wild_force71

Elena understood, very early on, that she and the Salvatore brothers are tied together in a tangled web of destiny and fate. She doesn't mind. The boys have always had a weakness for Pierce girls.

She thinks that maybe they need her. Her or Katherine, the ancestor she can't quite bring herself to hate. (Katherine is evil, ruthless and selfish. Elena knows this. But she turned Stefan and Damon, sent them through time to Elena's side, and she can never be anything but grateful for that.)

the world itself is the bad dream by earnmysong

Here is what Elena doesn't tell Damon. (She can't tell anyone.)

The nightmare she has every time she closes her eyes, even for a second, isn't about Klaus murdering the remaining people she holds dear, or of Stefan snapping her neck some night when he returns to Mystic Falls.

These Lights; They're All Around Me (Damon/Elena) by laniaaa

She leans back, looking up and watching as the lights merge and jolt and twist and spin above her prettily. It reminds her of when she was very young, and she was in the backseat as her parents drove home from dinner at a friend's. They'd driven past a car accident, and a young Elena had seen the flashing reds and blues of the police cars and the swirls of the ambulance and said to her parents, "pretty."

She doesn't remember being told they weren't.

A Game of Trust (Elijah/Elena) by wheatear

He doesn't reply, merely looks at her, like he's drinking her in with his eyes. She feels acutely human under his gaze, and even more acutely physical: aware that her life is this fragile body of blood and bone, the quickening of her heart, the breath in her lungs. Her body is the vessel that he's going to tear apart.

With my teeth sharper (Stefan/Elena/Damon) by silviakundera

It seems fitting that the first person she struck (a crack against skin; sharp, dull throbbing in her palm) is the one to teach Elena how to snap a neck.

elena's been turned (Katherine/Elena) by shiegra

Before Elena could pull away Katherine had captured her face between two slim, strong hands and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "You would leave me perfectly devastated," she said, and that wide, enchanting smile flashed again. Elena understood, all of a sudden, how Stefan and Damon had fallen so deeply and swiftly in love.

There's a Thunder in Her Heart by cassiehayes

She never aspired to be a damsel in distress.


I'm sure I've missed some awesome stuff, so holler. ALSO, DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THE EP IF YOU'VE SEEN IT. D: 

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