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Dec 13, 2015 01:24


Writing this post at y'all from Shanghai, where I'm residing for the next three months as an online lol-news journalism intern.

If anyone happens to be sitting on life hacks for living in Shanghai, lob away. (In particular, how costly/difficult/time-consuming would it be to get from here to Hong Kong in late January... ? This info would be relevant to nothing in particular.)

But enough about me. The main purpose of this post is advertisement, motherfuckers. From the people who brought you The Wardrobe Meme, vergoldung and I (... mostly Eleonore) introduce to you:


[rules and regulations for the five people reading this post]
  1. Describe your natural hair, or alternatively, your current hair.
  2. How do you usually wear your hair? Do you generally put time and effort into your weave? Or are you a lazy-ass bitch like OP?
  3. What is your hair-washing schedule? Do you have an ironclad hair-care regimen? Tell us your secrets!!!!!!!!!
  4. What's your go-to hairstyle for dressing up? As in, the hairstyle that looks bomb for when you want to look done up, while being a safe bet (because you've mastered that motherfucker.)
  5. Do / have you dye/d your hair and if so, what colours. Can you compete with OP's colour-damaged ends or nah?
  6. Haircut regrets and/or haircut nostalgia.
  7. Two options: A) Show us the holy grail of your hairstyling abilities. B) The most epic hair somebody else has done on your head.
  8. What is your #1 unattainable hair goal, the reason you lie awake at night?
  9. Last but not least: Gratuitous hair picspam time. In no particular order, share your fave hair-themed selfies. Doesn't matter how old the pic or how shitty the lighting--all we care about is celebrating the cuteness of your hair!!!!!!

In other news some cohorts may be pleased to know that
  • I watched all of The Producers with Eleonore. Pterodactyl screeching occurred.
  • I am some 70 pages into the Engelsfors trilogy.
Peace 'n' blessings.

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