Two to go

Aug 04, 2021 00:08

One more down, two library shifts to go!

It was a godawful day at the library. We share space with the high school, and a group of freshmen boot camp kids had lunch on the lawn outside our doors. Not a big deal except that some of them apparently decided our bookdrops were trash cans. Water bottles, chip bags, wadded up tin was a mess. I am not going to miss messy high school students.

Add in a particularly horrendous load of work - Tuesdays are always our heaviest days because we're closed Sundays and Mondays, but today was almost double what our usual load is - and I was exhausted when I got home. Got nothing done except dinner.

We did finish Westworld after we ate, though. Season 3 was definitely my least favorite of the three. While I understand they were trying so desperately to make us sympathetic for Dolores by the end, I just didn't buy it this time. In fact, I had problems feeling much of anybody this season. With the exception of Bernard's visit to Arnold's ex-wife, most of it left me cold. None of that means we won't watch season 4, though. We need to see where it goes at this point. And Craig liked it more than I did, so he's invested, too.
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