The countdown is real

Jul 28, 2021 22:52

Only five more shifts at the library, woo hoo! Granted they're spread out over the next two weeks, but hey, the countdown is real.

Today was supposed to be productive, but in reality, not so much. My arthritis has been particularly bad since we got back from Napa, and the pain makes it hard to concentrate. I'm not sure what's causing this flare-up. The fact that my eating has been crap lately certainly isn't helping. I tried to get back on track with a gorgeous salad for dinner tonight, but then Alicia and her boyfriend came home a couple hours later when I was starting to get peckish. I should've been strong when they said they were going to McDonalds. I wasn't. A McFlurry and fries later...

At some point, I have to stop stalling and get back on it with tracking my food. And getting some exercise, even if it's just strength training. I keep making excuses, like the pain, or the time commitment, or the kids, but that has to stop at some point. Why is it I can be so disciplined about certain things, but when it comes to food and exercise, it all goes out the window?

Craig and I have been watching Westworld since the Napa trip and it was recommended to us. We didn't have HBO when it premiered, so it was one of those shows that slipped through the cracks. However, it's been a win for us so far. We're almost done with the second season. We probably would be done if I let Craig binge it the way he wants, but I just can't stay sitting on the couch for more than a couple episodes. I will say, though, that I don't think the second season is as good as the first was. It's a mind trip, that's for sure, and I appreciate a lot of what it seems to be trying to do, but some of the nonlinear storytelling just isn't done as coherently as it could be. I will say, however, that the show as a whole has sparked some long debates and conversations between me and Craig, more so than a show has done in a very long time. That's an excellent sign.
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