Tons to catch up on

Jul 26, 2021 21:40

Maybe if I start posting on a Monday, I'll get back into the habit of posting here. I have no idea why this keeps sliding. It's not like my life is any crazier than normal.

So what's birthday was on the 14th. That was a good day. My celebration was over the weekend, though, when Craig and I went back to Napa with our best couple friends. Her birthday was the week after mine, so it seemed like a great way to celebrate. Tons of fun.

I'm also - FINALLY - officially a college student again. I'm all registered at the community college to get the one class I'm missing in order to qualify as a transfer student to the CSU I want to attend. It was pretty nightmarish there for a while. Their admissions department is absolutely useless. I applied at the same time there was a huge mail update, and I never received the email saying I was in and what to do next, along with my student ID number. In spite of numerous, varied attempts to get that information, nobody ever got back to me with it. I ended up getting it when someone from their registration outreach program called me to see if I had any questions or problems registering for my classes. She ended up sending me all the details I needed, thank goodness.

I ended up with the advanced composition class I need for the critical thinking credit (why my multiple comp or philosophy courses from the first time around don't count, I have no idea, since they seem to be exactly what they want me to take now). I opted to take four classes in total to help get back into the habit of being in school. The other three are a website development class (I already know HTML, but I really need to redesign my sites and this should give me some solid CSS knowledge, too), introduction to criminal justice (to see if it's something I want to pursue at the CSU), and introduction to archaeology (just for funzies). I wanted to take a photoshop class for funzies, but it already had a waitlist by the time I could actually register. Since I had a list of twenty potential classes to take, I decided not to bother with the waitlist and just go to the next one I wanted to do just for fun.

And now I wait. All of the classes are online and start on August 23. I was supposed to stop working at the library on July 30, but my manager asked if I could work a few days in the beginning of August because she took her vacation at the beginning of July and hasn't had the chance to do any interviewing yet. Ironically, I got a raise on July 1 that she's put into motion before I turned my notice in. I found out about that last week. It's so funny because it keeps seeming like the universe is throwing incentives at me to stay at the library. What does it know that I don't, lol?

In the meantime, with Covid on the rise again, I've decided not to audition for 12 Angry Jurors (an updated version of 12 Angry Men) that our community theatre is doing. There's nothing else this season I'd be able to audition for, but oh well. I'll have school to keep me busy.

I made an appointment to see my ENT about my allergy symptoms, just to rule out anything serious. He confirmed, it's just a godawful allergy season, and my deviated septum is exacerbating my symptoms. He gave me a prescription antihistamine to use when it's really bad, which has been helping. On the bright side, he also said that my throat has healed quite a bit from all the changes I've made to fight my reflux. So that's good at least.

And I think that's just about it. I'm making no promises about getting back onto a schedule with posting, but I sure as hell am going to try.
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