College plans progress

Jul 05, 2021 23:11

Oh, look I did it again. *headthunk*

The past 10 days have been busy and productive. Turns out, I'm missing a single class to qualify as a transfer student at the CSU I want to attend, so I'll be taking that along with a few others at the local community college this fall. I'm going to apply to the CSU in August and ask for an exception to be made to allow me to start there in January. The advisor I spoke to suggested it, saying I was an excellent candidate for the exception. She was helpful all around, frankly, and really lit a fire under me even more than there was. I have to take all online classes at the community college, though, because they start on the 23rd and Craig and I already have our flights to DC for the 27th. I don't want to miss classes at the very beginning of my journey back, lol.

The class I'm missing is a critical thinking class, and I have two real options for that, one of which is a philosophy course. Not my favorite as I hated philosophy back in the day, but if that's what it takes, I'll do it. I'm also going to take a science to get that credit out of the way, a photoshop class for funzies, and then 1 or 2 other classes that I haven't decided on yet.

The countdown has begun on my time at the library, but bonus for me, my manager is on vacation until the 14th, so I get half the month without her, woo hoo! The library opened up hiring in the county for the two positions above me that I qualify for, but I held strong and didn't apply. School is coming first. If I still want to go back to the library when it's all over, I can apply then. But who knows, I might not even be in this part of the state when that happens. Anything can happen before then, so I'm just going to have an open mind about it all.
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