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Chapter 15

"What was your dream about?" Dean asked but Brian didn't answer for a long second. He just petted Mac's back with long, even strokes without looking anybody in the eye.

"Usually it's just small stuff, you know?" He finally spoke. His tone alone broke Dean's heart and whatever was left of the dark thoughts the Mark had been whispering to him was gone. Dean took another deep breath, inhaling Mac's scent still lingering on his skin and in his clothes.

"Like what?" Dean asked in a gentle tone, sensing that the kid was struggling to tell them about his dream. This was probably the first time somebody actually listened to him.
"Like when Mom's car broke and she had to borrow Aunt Mel's. I dreamed that Mom was driving her car." He said, voice cracking over his aunt's name. "Or that one time when we got hit by a thunderstorm on our way to Grandma. I told Mom we should get an early start or the road would be under water."

"She didn't believe you?" Dean offered.

"Of course not. Not even when we were stuck for four hours because all the roads were flooded." Brian let out a snort. "She's still proud of me for handling it so well when she told us about the divorce, though. Not that we didn't see it coming but Katie was totally blindsided when it actually happened. I knew what was coming when I came into the kitchen that morning and saw Mom in her blue dress, holding the spatula and a plate with pancakes. It was exactly like in my dream."

He paused again, shoulders tense and his hold on Mac almost too strong to be comfortable for the pig. However, Mac didn't squirm his way out of his grip. If anything he pressed himself closer to the boy who obviously was waiting for the brothers to tell him that he was imagining things.

Dean got it. Brian had told them about other stuff which had come true so they would believe him when he told them about the dream he had last night. But he didn't think that they would believe him and was bracing himself for the rejection.

"We believe you." Dean said and wasn't surprised when Sam said the exact same words with him. Sometimes they were still in sync.

Now Brian looked up. His gaze fell on Sam first before he looked over to meet Dean's eyes.

"You do?" His voice was trembling and his eyes were too shiny but there was something in his expression like he couldn't quite believe what was happening. As if he wondered if he was still dreaming.

"You're petting our magic pig." Dean pointed out.

"We have met psychics before." Sam added and then explained: "People who know things before they happen. Some have dreams like you, others can read minds or just know things when they see somebody. You know, I used to have visions for a while."

Brian stared at Sam as if he'd grown a second head.

"You have visions?"

"Not anymore."

"How did you get rid of them?" Brian asked, almost throwing Mac off his lap when he scooted to the edge of his chair in his attempt to get closer to Sam.

"My visions were different from what you have." Sam cleared his throat. Dean knew how hard it was for Sam to admit this. Azazel and his boy-king plan were long gone but it was still something they didn't really talk about. It had been the beginning of demon blood and Hell and Ruby and all that which had spiraled them right into the apocalypse. Sometimes Dean felt like they were still spinning.

"I think you're a real psychic." Dean jumped in to give Sam some space. "Don't know how strong you are but you're the real deal."

Brian's face fell and he was back to hugging Mac as if the pig was his lifeline.

"We can get you in contact with other psychics." Sam offered with a sympathetic smile. "People who know what you're going through. People who can help you." Sam reached over the table and gave Brian's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "You're not alone. And you're not a freak."

Dean had to look the other way. He knew how desperate Sam had been to hear those words when he'd been a kid. And how Dean had failed him with that.

His eyes fell on the dismembered teddy in the corner. Unblinking eyes stared back at him and there were branches of meadowsweet sticking out of the ripped open teddy.

"Thank you." Brian whispered, voice thick with unshed tears.

For a moment they fell silent. Brian still hadn't told them about his dream but Dean knew that pushing the boy would just make him clam up. The last few minutes had been intense for Brian, he got that, and if he needed a minute to process all this, then they had a goddamn minute. No matter how much he was itching to just shake the answer out of him.

He was in hunter mood now and that never went well with the Mark.

Dean grabbed his right forearm with his other hand to keep it still but it took him a moment to realize that he was tracing the lines of the Mark with his thumb. Through the layers of fabric he couldn't see or even feel it but he knew that he was following the exact lines. He forced his hand down to clasp his wrist.

When he looked up again, he met Mac's eyes who was watching him with an intensity no pig should have. If Brain didn't need something to hold on to right now, Mac would be back in Dean's lap in a heartbeat, Dean knew that.

However, knowing that Dean could breathe easier.

"Last night I had a really bad dream." Brain finally spoke. "There was so much blood. And this man … I think he was dead." His voice broke and he sniffed.

Dean couldn't even start to imagine what it was like to see such horrible things, Brian was just a kid for Christ's sake. How desperate he had to be to come here to tell two strangers about his dream.

"This man …" Sam shifted in his seat. "Was it me or Dean?"

"No." He shook his head. "But I've seen him before. At the fair. When Aunt Mel won that teddy bear for me."

"Are you sure?" Sam asked while they all pretended that there wasn't a giant teddy bear lying in the corner.

Dean couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if Brian had taken the teddy. If he had slept with that thing in his room. He didn't want to think about it.

"I wasn't." Brain said, mechanically petting the pig in his lap. "So after school I went to the fair to make sure. It's him. The man from the shooting game."

While Sam started to pick the dream apart - Had it been night or day? What about the surroundings? Did you hear something? - Dean zoned out. He let Sam handle the how and when while he focused on the why.

As far as they knew the guys running the game were only unknowing tools for the pagan goddess. Just a way to sort out her victims. They didn't know about any of this.

They didn't win a teddy, they hadn't proven themselves worthy. They should be safe.

So why would she go after one of them? Dean was next on her list, why would she skip him? Or would she come after him first and go for the other man afterwards? Tying up loose ends before leaving town? Maybe. There had been three teddies, three sacrifices. After Dean she would be done here.

So if she came for Dean first and Brian's dream would come true as well, did this mean that she would succeed with killing him? Dean wasn't sure how he felt about that thought. Dying would solve a few things. If he managed to stay dead and not come back a demon again.

A nudge at his shin drew him back the the here and now. Mac sat at his feet, looking up at him with those intense eyes as if he knew exactly what was going on in his head. And as if he didn't like it one bit.

"Haven't you been petted enough for today?" Dean asked but picked the pig up who immediately made himself comfortable in his lap. "Apparently not."

However, the thoughts about his own death retreated to the back of his mind and he could focus on Sam and Brian again.

Sam was just offering the boy a ride home. It was late and he shouldn't walk home alone.

"Can you save that man?" Brian asked.

"We'll try." Was Sam's rather vague answer.

"Is it possible to save him?" Brain was back to fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

"Sometimes it is possible to change the outcome." Sam answered honestly. He didn't point out that sometimes it wasn't.

Brian bit his bottom lip, something clearly on his mind.

"Brian?" Dean asked when he saw the boy close to tears.

"Why didn't I dream about Aunt Mel?" The words came out with a sob. "Why couldn't I save her? Why do I have these dreams if …" Hugging his own middle Brian collapsed, almost hitting his head on the table, dry sobs shaking through his body.

Dean was at his side in a heartbeat and with a wounded cry the boy throw himself at him. Awkwardly hugging him with one arm while holding Mac with the other, the pig was squished between their bodies but didn't seem to mind, Dean just let him cry for a moment.

Later they drove Brian home. During the whole ride he sat silently in the backseat with Mac's head in his lap.

When Dean parked the car in front of the house, Sam turned around in his seat.

"You're not alone, Brian." He said once again and promised that they would come back and that he hadn't forgotten about helping him with the psychic thing.

The boy gave him a shy smile before he left the car.

"You think he's going to be alright?" Dean asked when he watched the front door closing behind Brian.

"He will be better if we save this guy."

Dean drove them over to the fairground. It was late and everything had quieted down so they didn't have any trouble to park their car. No prying eyes when they armed themselves with wooden stakes either.

"Mac, you stay in the car." Dean ordered. The pig didn't look pleased but didn't try to wiggle his way out of the car. Satisfied Dean locked the door and then turned to the nightly fairground.

There were only a few drunken visitors left who tried to find their way back home. Most stalls had already shut down and the lights were out.

"Brian said that it's going to happen in a trailer." Sam said in a low voice, leading the way.

"How are we going to find the right trailer?" Dean asked back in the same low voice. There was no need to whisper but they did it anyway. It seemed appropriate. The dark fair at night was kinda spooky.

They stepped into the shadow of the Ferris wheel when suddenly something came at them from the side.

Dean had a wooden stake out without thinking and was ready to strike when the thing stepped out of the shadow.

"Mac." He hissed. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Mac didn't answer, of course not, he simply walked over to Dean and looked up at him like he wanted to say "Are we going to do this or not?".

Next to him Sam let out a low chuckle.

"If I trip over you, we're having bacon tomorrow." Dean muttered but knew that there was no point in arguing. Mac had just escaped a locked car and had found them in this maze of rides and games, if he wanted to be here, he would be here.

And if he was honest, Dean felt better with the pig at his side.

Chapter 16

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