Hello Yesterday 15/15

Mar 28, 2015 18:12

Chapter 15

They left Bobby's place the next morning.

Dean was pretty sure that Gordon wouldn't call the cops on them, he didn't want Sam behind bars and with that out of reach, Sam saw his point there, but Dean wanted to move just in case Gordon managed to escape once again. Sam had to agree to that as well. The last thing he wanted was to run into Gordon ever again. He didn't regret that he didn't take the easy way out with just killing the guy, that still felt wrong and he was pretty sure that he didn't have it in him to put a bullet into somebody already on the ground.

After breakfast, Bobby insisted and Dean was the last person who would refuse bacon and eggs, Sam loaded their bags in the trunk and then they were on the road again.
"You good?" Dean asked when they passed the town sign of Sioux Falls. Sam had no idea which direction they were heading and he didn't really care either. There was no place they needed to be and no hurry to get anywhere. So he was fine with Dean just driving in a random direction.

"I'm fine." Sam responded after a long moment. "I dreamed of Jess last night."

"A good dream?" Dean threw him a side glance.

"Yeah, it was a good dream." He didn't even remember the details but it was a good dream. No death and fire. He still didn't remember that part, he had only Dean's word for what had happened to his girlfriend and if he was honest, that was a memory he wasn't keen on getting back.

However, over the last few days his memories had been coming back. Slowly, like a trickle, and now he was waiting for the levee to break. He just wasn't sure if this anticipation was born out of fear or excitement. Maybe both. There was some pretty dark stuff in his past, he knew that by now, but on the other hand he wanted to know. He wanted to remember.

They fell into a comfortable silence with Metallica blasting from the speakers and Sam let his thoughts drift.

Dean stopped early for the night, no point in pushing it if they didn't have a place they needed to be. The motel was nice and Sam slept like a baby. This time without dreams and that was fine, too.

When he woke up, Dean was nowhere in sight but he'd left a note that he was out to get them something for breakfast. Sam used the time for a long shower, washing off the tension from the last days. He still hadn't fully realized what had happened and he wished he could just shrug it off like Dean. His brother didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he'd been shot twice. He moved a little stiffly but that was all there was to it.

"How do you do that?" Sam asked over breakfast and had to elaborate when Dean gave him a puzzled look. "You got shot, you could have died. Bobby could have died. How can you just sit there and sip your coffee as if nothing has happened?"

"Practice, I guess." Dean eyed him over the rim of the paper cup before he set the coffee on the table to get his hand free. "How are you dealing with this?"

"I don't know." Frustrated he raked a hand through his still wet hair. "One part of me is freaked but the other part keeps telling me that it's not a big deal."

Dean let out a sigh. "It was one of our better gigs but you have nothing to compare it to …" He made a helpless gesture. "So, it's okay if you're a little freaked."

Sam shook his head with a laugh.

"Here." Dean put the laptop on the table. "Find out if there's something worth seeing around here. I could use a break for a day or two, let's just play tourists today."

Sam stared at him but Dean just grinned right back.

"You know you'll end up in a museum or a gallery if you let me choose, right?" He asked but turned the laptop on. It sounded like a nice idea.

"Pick something you enjoy." Dean said. He finished his coffee and threw the empty cup in the bin. "I'll take a shower and then we'll head out."

Sam watched him searching in his bag for some fresh underwear and wondered why Dean hadn't showered before he went out to get breakfast. Probably because Sam had still been sleeping and Dean didn't want to wake him. It sounded like something Dean would do.

"Can I get away with telling you that you like fun stuff that's actual fun?" Dean looked hopeful but Sam just gave him a glare. "Thought so." Dean nodded in defeat. "Bitch."

"Jerk." Sam automatically replied and he caught a glimpse of the broad grin on Dean's face before he bathroom door closed behind him.

But something else opened. In his mind. Sam gasped in surprise when the memories rushed back in. It didn't hurt and it was nothing like a vision. It was more like something had been on the tip of his tongue for days now and finally it came back to him. Except that this was not a song title or the name of an actor, this was his whole life coming back to him.

Not sure if he should cry in relief or laugh hysterically about his own rookie behavior over the last few days Sam just sat there in stunned silence.

He still hadn't moved when Dean came back ten minutes later. Dean had put on his jeans but nothing else so far and was busy drying his hair with a towel so he didn't notice anything right away.

"Sam?" Dean stopped toweling his hair when he caught sight of Sam. "You alright?"

Slowly Sam turned his head to face him. "I know who you are."

"Yeah, we kinda established that a while ago." Dean shook his head and started drying his hair again. Then he froze. "You mean …?"

Sam swallowed against the lump in his throat. "I remember. I remember everything."

The next second his half-naked brother had him in a bear hug and Sam didn't mind one bit.

"We're still going to visit a museum today." Sam said.


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