Return of the Sam 8/?

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Chapter 8

When I came to again - that wasn't the right word but I'd never experience something even close to this so this expression had to do - we were back at the trailer and Crowley was on the phone.

"Hope, you took good care of my body." He said and I needed a second to understand what was going on. The whole situation was surreal and the sudden change of location was just confusing.

"We did our best but you have our surgeon." I heard Sam over the phone, accusing and clearly pissed.

He was right, Crowley had taken the only professional doctor and if his body - a person, that was a person - was in as a bad shape as he'd claimed it to be ... I didn't want to think too closely about that. What if his body died and he had nowhere else to go?
I think I said it before. He spoke to me again in my mind. I'm not dumb enough to just snag a friend of the Winchesters. Aloud he said:

"Luis can hear you."

"Is he alright?" Sam sounded worried and his voice softened to almost soothing. It was good to hear and I wanted to cry just because of that. Not that I would have admitted it.

"He's fine." Crowley answered and I could feel his amusement. "He can tell you himself."

Say something.

I wasn't sure if I could. I still couldn't move my body but when I opened my mouth, I could do that. But what should I say?

"Luis?" Sam asked when I failed to say something.

"I'm here." I finally brought out some words.

"Are you alright?" He didn't seem confused in the slightest that he was talking to two different people with only one voice.

I nearly laughed at that question. A demon had hijacked my body and he asked me if I was alright.

"Sorry, I was so stupid."

"Yes, you were." Sam agreed but in a kind way. "We'll get you out of there, I promise. This is going to be over soon. He won't hurt you."

I wasn't sure if the last part was meant to reassure me or to threaten Crowley. Either way, Crowley took over again and I was left as a passenger in my own body once again.

"Exchange of prisoners." Crowley announced. "I'll get my body and you get back your friend. Sounds fair?"

They agreed to a time and a place, no tricks on either side.

I doubted the demon would stick to the no tricks part, he was a demon after all, but I couldn't interfere anyway. I just hoped that Sam would be ready for whatever Crowley was planning. But this wasn't Sam's first rodeo with a demon so he should know what to expect.

A deal is a deal. Crowley said. I never break a deal. Besides, it's always the human who tries to wiggle their way out of a deal. Think about that.

I thought about all the stories in which somebody had made a deal with the devil, there wasn't much else I could do anyway. Crowley was right, I had to give him that, in all those stories it was always the devil who kept his end of the deal. Sure, he played his tricks with the wording and tricked his victim into assumptions but in the end he fulfilled his part to the letter.

Integrity, Crowley commented smugly and made himself once again comfortable in the chair.

Sam would need time to get Crowley's body to the meeting point, not too far from the bunker but for some reason Crowley didn't want to do the exchange in or close to that place. I wondered why.

Don't get too pleased with yourself, Crowley warned but I could still feel his excitement so I wasn't too worried about upsetting him. He was back to claim his rightful place in Hell, whoever Abbadon was she should watch out, and in less than an hour he would have his body back. Everything looked fine for Crowley.

It was my fault that he got free in the first place and I wondered if Sam was mad at me. Would he try to capture him again? If so, how far would he go? Would he risk my life to get the King of Hell back?

Don't worry, Crowley assured me. The Winchesters would sacrifice everything to save a friend. Hell, they would sacrifice everything to save a stranger.

Sam would do that? Sam had always been there for his friends but this was way bigger than helping a friend with an overdue paper or letting him crash on your couch for a night.

It was a scary thought that a demon knew my friend better than me but if I was honest, I didn't know Sam that well. At least not this part of Sam, the hunter, the man who wrestled with demons and angels on a daily basis.

You've no idea. Crowley commented once again but didn't care to elaborate this time. He was busy thinking his own thoughts, I felt that but like before I couldn't make out his actual thoughts. I just got an uneasy feeling, like there was something dark and disturbing right behind the curtain, and I really didn't want to poke at that. The impression of Hell he'd given me earlier was more than enough, thank you very much.

He kept himself busy thinking his evil thoughts until it was time to meet with Sam. During those long minutes I tried to keep my thoughts even, but I couldn't help but looking forward to this. I wanted to get the demon out of my body, out of my mind. And I would happily accept Sam ripping me a new one for the stunt I'd pulled. I deserved it. Man, had I been stupid.

But Sam should have told me more about demons in the first place. How was I supposed to know?

It's in the name. Demon. Crowley broke his silence, at least the one in our head. But it will be over soon. Believe it or not, it's no fun on my side either. I enjoy the quiet in my head.

When the scenery changed I expected us to appear right in front of Sam or next to Crowley's waiting body but one second we were in the trailer and the next we stood in a group of trees with no other person in sight.

You didn't expect me to just rush in, didn't you? Crowley seemed amused but at the same time I could tell that he was worried. The Winchesters had captured him before and he wasn't keen on repeating that experience.

As long as it would get him out of my body, I didn't actually care what happened to him.

And I thought you like me.

He made a few steps in a random direction, at least to me it was random, there was nothing indicating that there was anything to find in this direction.

However, after a few steps I saw something through the branches, something big and white and red. Without breaking cover Crowley crept close enough to have a clear view on the ambulance standing abandoned on a small road.

Sam stole an ambulance? I blurted out.

By the way, where was Sam? Crowley had told him to stay away but he didn't actually stayed away, right? He had to be close by.

Oh, they are close. Crowley confirmed but didn't seem to be bothered by that. Instead he went over to the ambulance and opened the doors at the rear end.

"Hello, Georgy-boy." He greeted the unconscious man on the stretcher inside.

Of course the man didn't answer. He was hooked up to a portable life-support system, not exactly a long term solution, but it obviously had kept him alive for this long and hopefully it wouldn't be necessary for much longer.

Time to say goodbye, Luis. Crowley said and then threw his head back as if he wanted to scream his lungs out.

Instead there was a loud bang somewhere behind us. Crowley stumbled forward, bracing himself at the open door of the ambulance.

Only with delay I identified the sound as a gunshot and it took me even longer to realize that we got shot.

Why would Sam do that? Was my last coherent thought for a while.

Pain exploded in my chest and my screams mixed with Crowley's. We were in agony and I lashed out.

Focus! Crowley bellowed at me but I couldn't. So he just grabbed my flailing mind and pushed it out of the way. If I had a front row seat before, I was kicked out to the foyer now. It wasn't the darkness like earlier but I saw and heard and most important felt everything with a distance. Which was a good thing because I got shot!

"You shouldn't have come back." A voice said. It wasn't Sam, that much I knew immediately, but I needed Crowley to turn around to recognize the man.

The receptionist from earlier, I realized. The one Crowley had brushed off rather rudely when he'd gone to his secret meeting with whoever.

A gun in hand the man came closer, a wary eye on us but he kept scanning the area as if he expected to get ambushed any second here.

Where was Sam?

"Abaddon is running the place now." He said, his abjection towards Crowley completely gone. "And she will be very grateful when I bring her a little present."

For a long moment Crowley didn't move, he just hung onto the door for support and I could tell that he would have crashed to the ground without that. The pain was still there but to me it felt far away, as if it didn't belong to my body.

I don't belong to my body, I corrected myself. But Crowley had control, why didn't he do anything? He was the King of Hell, surely he could overpower this smug little bastard.

When Crowley failed to say something, the man raised the gun.

"Nice little trick. Devil's trap on the bullet, keeps you locked in your meatsuit and powerless." He sounded very pleased with himself.

"You take me with this meatsuit, you'll have the Winchesters breathing down your neck for the rest of your pathetic little life." Crowley growled at him. "Your rather short pathetic little life."

"I think I'll risk that." Pointing the gun at our head he closed the distance between us but Crowley flinched back. I didn't know what was happening here but for sure it couldn't be a good thing to be this close to another demon.

"But you're right." The man said and grabbed our arm in an iron grip. "We should leave before one of the Winchester brothers comes looking what all the noise is about."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving and I felt a smile forming on my lips.

"Too late." Crowley said. "Sam Winchester is standing right behind you."

A/N In case you wonder where Crowley's "Georgy-boy" is coming from, it's a reference to my story "Please God, let me die". Just FYI.

Chapter 9

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