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Because she ate his health nut pancakes
Because when she mentioned being hit on my another guy, Milo wanted to "change the subject."
Because there's a zillion things that he finds attractive about her
Because she loves his flawed lip
Because he gave her a piggyback ride!
Because she came to the Rocky Balboa premeire to support him
Because she said she was proud of him
Because he thought working with her was fun and exciting
Because she stayed with him all night...we think. (how else did she eat his pancakes?)
Because chemistry like that you can't fake
Because they touched in an interview
Because he waited for her
Because he kept staring at her during the interview
Because she thinks he is funny
Because he wants her to "just stick with me" and we agree!!!
Because their body language says everything
Because after he touched her arm, she moved hers on top of his!
because she knew he read comic books.
Because when he removed his hand she kept her hand where his used to be like she was savoring the moment.
Because they were both figiting and stuttering like they were nervous around each other.
Because when Milo mentioned the word Cheer in the NBC10 interview he looked at Hayden.
Because Hayden blushes when ever Milo is around
Because Hayden couldn't stop pointing at Milo
Because Hayden attened Milo's Rocky Balboa Premiere
Because Halo makes a Perfect Paire!
Because they always mention each other in interviews
Because chemistry begins with the actors!
Because Milo is into younger women and Hayden likes older men
Because even the Golden Globes supports Halo...why else would they persent together?
Because he's always looking out for her
Because it's picture perfect
Because it's OBVIOUS!
Because how can we not?
Because Milo knows where Hayden's tattoo is
Because eye!sex doesn't lie
Because she always leans on Milo, and no other guy
Because Milo lets Hayden wear his jackets
Because they rocked Europe together
Because Halo sparkled in romantic Paris
Because she wore his glasses on the "London Eye"
Because they sure do know how to Dirty Dance
Because Masi thinks they should get together.
Because "it's obvious that they're together". - Kristin Veitch
Because he bought her an infinity ring
Because he thinks it's natural to couple them
Because they're "close" friends
Because they're not denying it anymore!!!
Because she always wears the ring
Because he took her for a ride
Because they drove to Starbucks in a Lamborghini
Because they managed to steal away and spent private time together at a public event
Because he likes to put his hand on her back
Because she was in pink furry handcuffs once and we're sure it was with Milo
Because "they spoke closely in a shadowy corner"
Because Hayden said "Milo's a real flirt"
Because "it was the most fun when me and Milo got to be sticky together."
Because Hayden impresses Milo the most out of his Heroes colleagues.
Because Milo is "amazed" by Hayden.
Because "She's fantastic." - Milo Ventimiglia
Because they went on an early morning sailing trip.
Because Ted Casablanca thinks Halo "makes perfect sense".


- "Did you notice how she kept gazing up at him adoringly?"
- But Milo was all over Hayden all night long...kept on touching her, talking to her, waiting for her"
- If I didn't know any better, I'd be sure that Hayden and Milo were dating... they were all over each other and acting very couply"
- But Milo & Hayden left hand in hand after the sneak preview of Season 3... btw I was sitting behind them ( a few rows back) and they were VERY chummy."
- She and Milo were holding hands the whole time, whilst seated. He also kept rubbing her leg, whispering to her."

"Liiiike someone at the other end of the stage would be talking about something that I would absolutely not be listening to because I would be watching Milo and Hayden talking to each other, or Milo RUBBING HER BACK,"

"Also, when they were all going onstage, and Milo got onstage and then stopped, turned, and helped Hayden up! And it was adorable!"

"Dude, Milo was haulin' ass, getting Hayden out of there."

"I was sitting some rows behind them and throughout milo kept on whispering to hayden..like every five seconds"

"The impression i got from those two was.. if they arent involved already they might as well already because they sure LOOK like they already have.. well, you know."

" I would have to agree with the Halo people, it did look like there was something there, he was very protective of Hayden and they arrived together too"

"It's just that at one point, It looked like he was... I dunno, doing something to her ear? and I was like "Whoa!"... but I couldn't really tell what was going on, maybe he was just whispering, they did that a lot. "

"Milo is so bored on stage he's stuck preoccupying himself taking glances at Hayden and touching her back every 15-20 seconds. That had me laughing."

"But their end of the line was goofing off with each other throughout the thing, bumping into each other, whispering and touching."


created by Jasmine simplyinfatuated

created by Emma Dreamer~Candy4eva

created by jayne :jay:

created by Candice naleyforever

created by Candice naleyforever

created by lilieaurelie

created by Kirsty Whordy

src="http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/1188/sans21zn4tx3.jpg" />
created by Candice naleyforever

src="http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/2196/sanstitre122ci2vl9.jpg" />
created by Candice naleyforever

src="http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/6879/sanstitre2wy3.jpg" />
created by Candice naleyforever

created by niam

created by Candice naleyforever

created by Candice naleyforever

created by Candice naleyforever

created by Candice naleyforever

created by niam


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NBC 10 HALO Interview
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Rocky Balboa Premiere (HALO towards the very end)
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Kevin Smith To Direct 'Origins'
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Press Conference in Paris
PARIS 2007
Paris, day two
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Richard & Judy Interview Milo Ventimiglia/Hayden Panettiere
Heroes UK press conference
Hayden Calls Milo a Sweetheart (VMA Lounge Interview)
TMZ Online & TMZ TV 09/17/07 HALO Feature
Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia BUSTED!
Masi talks about HALO
Planet Gossip: Global Gapevine
'Heroes' World Tour Home Movies
Hayden Sets The Record Straight (and fails miserably)
The Vine: Hayden out with mom, and a mention of HALO
HALO at the NHL Hockey Game Part 1
HALO at the NHL Hockey Game Part 2
Heroes Need For Speed
Jules Verne Film Festival
HALO moments at the Jules Verne Film Festival


001. Because Hayden ate Milo's Pancakes.
002. Because chemistry begins with the actors.
003. Because Halo makes a perfect Paire!
004. Because touching her face wasn't in the script.
005. Thanks to their chemistry, they make us want incest.
006. Because theres zillion things he finds attractive about her.
007. Because they make us see stars.
008. Because when she mentioned being hit on, Milo wanted to "change the subject".
009. Because when Hayden mentioned her body parts Milo got all protective.
010. Because Milo was there for Hayden to lean on.
011. Because they can't take their hands & eyes off of each other.
012. Because what happens in Paris, does not stay in Paris.
013. Because now 18 we have so much look forward.
014. Because their body language says everything looks pictures.
015. Because Europe's been VERY good to us!
016. Because Cupid does live Europe.
017. Because They Had A "Lovin Lunch"
018. Because They Look Mighty Cute Together.
019. Because Hayden Called Milo "Sweetheart"
020. Because we aren't the only ones who've noticed.
021. Welcome to the home of Halo Venttiere. XD~~~*
022. Because They're Both Single And Ready To Mingle.
023. B/C the Emmy for best on/off screen chemistry goes to Halo.
024. Because it's inevitable, THEY'RE inevitable.
025. Because HALO should have their own After-Emmy-Party!!
026. Because only Milo could come between Hayden and her mom.
027. Because Milo saves his smiles for Hayden.
028. Because they are taking the media by storm!
029. Because their smiles & eyes tell us all we need to know.
030. B/C our power is talking about Halo at lightning speed!
031. B/C if that is 'just friends' behaviour, we want to "befriend" Milo too.
032. Girls On Film? More Like Caught On Film!
033. B/C even Masi thinks they should get together.
034. Because I understand, just with your look, I understand.
035. Let Halo bring us a magical season.
036. B/C what do we want? HALO HALO HALO!!
037. Because denial ain't just a river in Egypt!
038. I’ll make you mine if you would have me.
039. B/C You can't stop the Halo-Wagon.
040. Maybe one day you and me will have one more shot.
041. B/C What can make Hayden feel this way? MILO
042. The couple who won't admit that they're a couple.
043. There is a reason there are rumors.
044. Because they rocked the hockey game and our world.
045. Because he waited for her
046. Because They Always Make Each Other And Us Smile
047. You've got a secret smile and you use it only for me
048. You are young, so I am, too.
049. B/C We know it's not a friendship ring
49.1 Because Hayden's a bad liar when it comes to her & Milo
49.9 B/C mention one of them, it's a rule to mention the other
050. Because give me your hand it's time to celebrate the 50th
052. It's the 50th party REuploaded (for the third time)
053. Because No Halo News Drives Us Crazy, So Stop Hiding
054. Because Pretty Soon We'll Have Proof Of Their Kiss Kiss
055. B/C Milo thinks natural to assume him and Hayden are a couple
056. Because He Chose Her And She Chose Infinity
057. Because They Were Passing Notes Like High School Sweethearts
058. Because Hayden ADORES her Milo
059. we don't need to know it, it makes sense!
060. B/C she wrapped her legs around him, true story.
061. Because They Went On A Play Date!
062. Kidnap me, save me, lead me
063. Because all they want for christmas is each other
064. b/c Milo's flattered to be in the presence of Hayden
065. B/C Halo is the only hook-up talk that sticks
066. B/C we all know whom she'll really be kissing on New Years
067. b/c even the Haters can't deny it anymore
068. Smack That!
069. B/C they got that shoulder-sex thing going on.
070. We know why we haven't seen them for a week!
071. Because Milo Always Protects his Princess
072. Home of the gutterheads
073. Because sources say that Milo is in love with Hayden
074. Because We Know 2008 Will Be Their Year
075. From Hollywoods Worst Kept Secret To Official Couple
076. Because Hayden is finally done hiding her hero!
077. Because Love Has No Age
078. Because Now Halo Is Officially Official
079. Because They Are Picture Perfect
080. Because Hayden cannot stay away from Milo
081. Because It Is What It Is: LOVE
082. Because they have no intention of letting go
083. Because that lip is her's now!
084. Because they are both hot, but together they are on fire!!
085. Because they deserve a little alone time
086. Because now she's a member of DSC and membership is for life
087. Because they're Raggedy Ann and Country Lovin'
088. Because As Long As There's The Two Of Us,We've Got The World
089. Because Milo Would Be Proud Of His Girl
090. Because Your Love Is My Love
091. B/C The only playboy bunny Milo wants is Hayden
092. Because the force is with HALO
093. Because With Love You're Never Apart, But Close In Heart
094. B/C call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine
095. Because Halo is the path to the Sexy Side
096. Because Where heaven meets earth, I find you
097. Because They Are Our Very Own Prom King And Prom Queen
098. Because The Halo Nickname Makes Milo Smile
099. Because Milo Went to the Candies Event with Hayden!
100. Because 100 threads is only the beginning


halo, hayden, fanfoum, milo

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