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Nov 30, 2013 15:39


101. Because Milo thought Hayden's GQ photos were very nice
102. Because Milo is Hayden's secure boyfriend
103. Because Dinner At Milo's House Is Her Perfect Date
104. B/C Milo as dinner is Hayden's perfect date
105. B/C Hayden is learning moves to give Milo a show
106. Because Soon They Will Be Reunited Again
107. Because We're One Day Closer To A Kissing Pic
108. Only a matter of time until Halo Vancouver sighting..
109. Because Hayden is Milo's wubby
110. B/C hayden and milo were reportedly all ova each other
111. Because we finally have caps of Hayden and THE ear
112. B/C hayden gave milo the wake up call of his life
113. B/C they will do whatever it takes to be w/ each other
114. B/C Milo is getting ready to visit Hayden
115. Because Hayden found her reflection through Milo
116. Because Milo is Hayden's weakness
117. Because Milo never takes kissing Hayden for granted!
118. B/C Milo was pretending the wall was Hayden
119. Because Milo is reminiscing of their time in London
120. Because Milo is grateful Chris let him have Hayden
121. Because "yeah she is my girlfriend"
122. Because Milo makes Hayden feel sexy
123. Because Milo keeps the good stuff to himself and Hayden
124. B/C Hayden wants to be at the set ASAP to be with Milo
125. B/C who knows what Halo do behind closed doors
126. B/C Hayden likes to play with Milo's gear shifter.
127. Because they bring back that 50's style of Romance
128. b/c Milo's ass belongs to Hayden
129. b/c Milo has May 22nd circled in red
130. Because Hayden comes back to Milo next week!
131. B/C Milo&Hayden will 'celebrate' when she gets back to set
132. Because we all knew it was love
133. Milo looked totally mesmerized by his girlfriend
134. b/c now Milo has Hayden right where he wants her
135. B/C things are gonna heat up btw HALO this summer
136. Because they have to come up for air some time
137. Because they like to nuzzle each other
138. We don't need pictures to know that they're together
139. B/C Love is the Fire of Life and Halo is burning with it
140. B/C if Milo was there he would have knocked that pap out!
141. Because they love “wearing perfectly coordinated outfits”
142. Because no one can rock a HUG like HALO does
143. B/C Milo loves Hayden whatever she looks like
144. Because we know who Hayden's always on the phone to
145. Because it's no mystery that Hayden is Milo's girlfriend
146. B/C They Spelt I LOVE YOU'S In Tiles At The Scrabble Event!
147. Because Being With Milo Makes Hayden Glow
148. B/C Halo spoiled us this weekend
149. B/C one day, we will get a Halo kiss (and we will rejoice!)
150. b/c We never know what to expect & when to expect it
151. B/C finding Halo Snuggle Bunnies is like finding treasure
152. B/C Halo is Wicked Together
153. B/C Halo had sushi, and each other
154. B/C Hayden makes Milo trigger happy.
155. Because Milo gets Hayden fired up in more than one way
156. B/C Hayden Has A Pic Of Milo As Blackberry Screensaver
157. Because Milo and Hayden are doing dirty deeds
158. B/C Milo likes to bite Hayden
158. B/C They snuck off to Portland again
159. B/C Hayden handcuffed Milo to the bed & we haven't seen them since
160. B/C Hayden will be giving something special to Milo on his bday
161. Because Milo's getting a booty phone call for his birthday
162. Because they are counting down the days until Milo returns
163. B/C they are already engaged
164. B/C they slam into each other, like people do in tennis.
165. B/C Hayden is Milo's favourite naughty schoolgirl
166. B/C Milo doesn't need a 'Wake-up Call', he wakes up to Hayden
167. B/C Milo is back and stuck in Hayden's bed
168. b/c the only cheerleader Milo wants to bang is his g/f
169. B/C We all know why Hayden bought that huge couch
170. B/C Hayden went from food to her dessert Milo
171. because Saturday will officially end the drought
172. Because Halo stuck in an elevator?Ohhh yeah!!
173. Because it's impossible to deflect from the Halo eye-sex
174. b/c the only "rest" Halo gets is at Comic Con.
175. B/C Halo will be heating this up this August!
176. B/C Milo is fighting against the paps for Hayden
177. B/C They'll have "action/adventure" on their new surfboards
178. B/C They are busy exchanging I Love You's in bed!
179. B/C Milo's lens is always focused on Hayden
180. B/C Milo's There To Protect Hayden Every Step Of The Way!
181. b/c Hayden's busy getting some TLC from Milo
182. B/C Milo was hungry for some Hayden
183. B/C Milo would give Hayden 20 Birthday Spankings
184. b/c Milo has a fetish for Hayden's body
185. B/C Hayden grabs Milo's clothes off the floor when in a hurry!
186. Hey Milo! You gonna tell us those zillion things NOW?!
187. B/C Milo wants to go Down Under with Hayden
188. B/C Milo is having phonesex with Hayden.... RIGHT NOW!
189. B/C Milo's power is seduction and Hayden couldn't agree more
190. B/C Hayden is missing not getting her daily dose of Milo
191. B/C Hayden is coming home to Milo
192. Because even NBC knows Halo are the real stars
193. B/c Hayden wore Milo out the night before the Heroes premiere
194. B/C Milo leaves Hayden "I love you" post-its to wake up to
195. B/C Milo's lap is Hayden's permanent residence
196. b/c we all want to know what Halo was doing in that room
197. It's been almost a year full of dirty dancing, cuddling and holding hands
198. B/C the Heroes cast have caught Halo making out on set 200 times and counting
199. B/C There Have Been Over 200 Halo Kisses In The Past Year
200. B/C Milo and Hayden are in love with each other for 200 reasons!!
201. B/C Hayden got Banged and we have the Pictures to Prove it!
202. Because they Only have Eyes for Each Other
203. B/C Hayden Bounces on Milo Every Night
204. B/C Milo likes it when Hayden Plays Rough
205. Because Sooner or Later, Halo Will let Something Slip on the Radio
206. B/C Hayden Took her Leather Outfit Home to Milo
207. B/C They Practiced the Knife Cutting Scene Whipped Cream
208. Because Halo are as Sweet as Cupcakes
209. B/C Halo Will Make up by Giving us Kissing Pics
210. B/C Milo Will be There for Hayden Through Thick & Thin
211. B/C Halo are Etched on Our Hearts
212. B/C They got Caught in the Pool Making Out
213. B/C Their Passion so Hot They Have to Cool off in the Pool
214. B/C Milo Would Protect his Girl from Insults Paps Give Her
215. B/C Hayden Tried Sexy Lingerie for Milo
216. Because He Still Blushes when a question comes about hayden
217. I Believe Your First Love Really Makes an Impact  on you-hp
218. B/C Only Italian Halo Wanted Each Other
219. B/C They Stick to Each Other Like a Tattoo
220. B/C As Soon as Hayden Walked Through the Front Door Milo Tore Off her Dress
221. B/C Milo Shops and Cooks, Hayden Eats  and Pleasures Him
222. B/C Hayden is Milo's Cuddle Bunny
223. B/C Hayden Knows She Can Seek Comfort With Milo When She Has Bad Day
224. B/C Only-thing-hayden-going-let-whip-cream-touch-milo-s-naked-body
225. B/C Their Chemistry is Picture Perfect on Access Hollywood
226. B/C The Sexiest Couples List Wouldn't be Hot Without Halo
227. B/C We are Thankful for Every Halo Moment
228. B/C Halo Went Home to Have a Great Orgasm After Having Organic Meal
229. B/C Halo are the Epitome of a Great Love Story
230. B/C Milo Takes her Down the Good Path
231. B/C Infatuated Halo Makes Sighting Squee Worthy
232. B/C Panettiere's Love Their Future Son/Brother in law
233. B/C Without Milo Around the Only Thing Hayden Can Nibble is Night Food
234. Hand Those Snuggling & Kissing Pics Over Milo
235. B/C Hayden & Milo Have Marathon Sex so he can Increase his stamina
236. B/C Milo Carries Around a Little Piece  of Hayden Everywhere He Goes
237. B/C Hayden is Milo's Personal Cheerleader whether she is in Vegas or California
238. B/C Hayden & Milo are Going to Get Caught Under the Mistletoe this Season
239. B/C Hayden & Milo like to Snuggle Under the Covers Share Body Heat
240. Sorry Santa Hayden Only Sits on Milo's Lap
241. B/C Hayden has Milo Return Home Sounds Like Pretty Good Reason to Hide to Us
242. B/C We All Just Hoping for a  Halo Christmas Gift
243. B/C They are Going Strong & Keeping Low
244. B/C Halo Won't Need Mistletoe to Kiss Under the Christmas Tree
245. B/C We got a Halo Sighting NY Wrapped in a Shinny Christmas Paper Red Bow
246. B/C Hayden & Milo are going to be Each Other's first kiss 2009 Happy New Year
247. B/C Hayden & Milo are Ringing New Year Kisses Good luck
248. B/C Hayden & Milo Attended Another Wedding, Maybe it's a Sign of Their Future
249. B/C 2009 is Going to be the Year we get Those Kissing Pics
250. B/C Beautiful Sightings & Gorgeous Pics, its Going to be a Halo Year
251. B/C Halo Were Lovey Dovey at Bora Bora
252. B/C They Spent Some Quality Boyfriend & Girlfriend Time at Bora Bora
253. B/C Hayden & Milo Were Caught Holding Hands at the Pier at Bora Bora
254. B/C Super Couple Halo Prove they're Hot in any Part of the Globe Daily10
255. B/C You can't Deny the Chemistry and Love that Halo Share
256. B/C Love Doesn't Need to be Ostentatious it can be Secret, Sacred & Beautiful
257. B/C Halo are Still Going Strong and There's a Private Picture Prove it
258. B/C They are More in Love Than Ever Just More Private
259. They Hide But we Keep Finding Them
260. She is Wearing a Man's Shirt Out You Judge What that Means
261. B/C They are Shopping Buddies
262. B/C  Hayden Loves to Try out her Athletic Abilities on Milo
263. B/C Bed hair & Milo's Shirt Wonder Where Hayden Slept
264. B/C Stupid Rumours Make Us Support Them Even More
265. B/C One Stupid Blogger is Not Going to Make us Doubt Halo are Together & Happy
266. B/C We All Know Milo's got Something Special Planned for Valentine's Day
267. B/C We are Waiting for the Next First Down
268. B/C Hayden Only has One Valentine who is Milo
269. B/C Milo has Already Taken Hayden Down Under
269. B/C We Will Still Support Them no Matter What is True
270. B/C We'll need some Confirmation Before we Believe Anything We've Read
271. We Experienced Halo Heaven,  Now we Experience Halo Hell
272. B/C Together or Not We Still Support Hayden & Milo
273. B/C Who Hell the Knows Anymore
274. B/C The Suspense is Killing Us
275. B/C We will Cheer Other Halo Fans Up
276. B/C We're Gonna Pretend We're Switzerland
277. B/C Don't Believe the Hype
278. B/C Everything is Speculation, We're Ready for Good News
279. B/C We Want More Heroes we want more Halo
280. They Still Stand Together
281. B/C They are our Hottest Dynamic Duo on Heroes
282. B/C We Know they'll Hang out at the Wrap Party
283. B/C Hayden & Milo Cannot Live Without Each Other
284. B/C There's so Many Different Rumors, Sigh, Halo Still Together Until Real Confirmation
285. B/C Lauren is Now Undercover and can Execute Halo Mission 1 Down Under
286. B/C She wants Four but we want More
287. B/C Jack can't Keep Pushing These Two Together
288. B/C They've both Gone off the Radar Together Some Things Never Change
289. B/C I'm in Pieces when I'm Without you
290. B/C Even Milo's Hair Misses Hayden
291. B/C The Truth will be Known when Team Halo Catches them in he Act
292. B/C We made up Halo Pregnancy Rumours to keep the Thread Alive Wheeeee
293. B/C Hayden Smells Like Milo's Favorite Cookie Gingersnaps
294. B/C Operation 3 Stalking Halo Works so its Time Agents Gather Around
295. B/C All These False Rumors, Pregnancy, Break up & Getting Fired just Helieve in Halo -Tia
296. The Day that Story Broke, they were Exactly as they Always are: Pleasant & Professional -jc
297. B/C Hayden can't Watch Sex Scenes on tv even though we all Know she did with Milo
298. B/C 2 Threads Away from the 300th Halo Party! Who is bringing the alcohol I mean chips? winks
299. B/C The Only Presenter Hayden Should see in London is Chris Moyles
300. B/C Here Celebrating 300 Threads of the Angelic Couple that Bear our Souls Away
301. B/C No One can come btw the Epic Love that is Halo
302. B/C Every lister at the Party last Night Apart from one, Hayden Misses Most
303. B/C They Make Fun of Hayden's Tattoo typo but they can't put into words how much Halo love each other
304. B/C The BTS vid is Proof that Hayden & Milo are only on a Break
305. B/C Milo's Sexy Back is Property of Hayden
306. B/C It's Obvious Hayden Wore the Pants in the Relationship while Milo did the Womanly Duties
307. B/C Lauren's Learning French thanks to Les rves Halo
308. B/C ZQ is Obviously Playing Matchmaker between Halo, why else Would he go to the same Event as Them
309. B/C We're the Agents call for Halo Babysitting
310. B/C Milo has the Golden Key to Hayden's Golden Heart
311. B/C When Milo wears a pair of Clark Kent Glasses it's a bat Signal Hayden to Whip out Hers
312. B/C Now They Both have glasses Hopefully they can see more Clearly they're Meant to be
313. B/C Milo is Looking Mighty Scrumptious on set, Hayden you better hurry before we want a taste
314. B/C The Only Hayden Nudity Scenes we want to see are hot Steamy ones with Milo
315. B/C All Halo Agent Spying Gear is Covered in Melted Chocolate, guess we need Raise now Boss
316. B/C We all know Hayden & Milo wanted to set off their own Personal Fireworks Fourth of July
317. B/C Hayden & Milo will Sneak off Together in the closet at Comic Con
318. B/C Only Milo is Worthy enough to see Hayden's Beautiful Naked Body
319. B/C We know that it was Milo in the Mirror in the Room 23 pic why b/c we said so
320. B/C Halo will Shut down all Stupid Rumors with their Secret Stares & Conversations
321. B/C Two Years they sat next to each other and Shared Eyesex Hopefully there will be a Third
322. B/C Milo wanted to sit next to Hayden at CC, damn Stupid Seating Arrangements
323. B/C Even being two Seats Away couldn't really Separate Them
324. B/C One Thread a day Shows Halo's still at Play
325. B/C Halo is Gonna Score an Award at the TCA's and Each Other
326. B/C If Milo doesn't make an Appearance at tca, Hayden could Accept his Award on his-behalf
328. B/C They will Always Support each other their Love will Always Remain
329. B/C Milo's Supposed to be the one wearing a rubber balloon
330. B/C Halo was Spotted at 2050 & Sources say in July it really was Milo in room 23 with Hayden

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