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Oct 27, 2011 20:23

If your Delicious bookmarks didn't import or, apparently if you deleted your account but still want to get your bookmarks you can follow the instructions here: http://gabrielleabelle.livejournal.com/337468.html?view=14256444#t14256444 or here: http://brownbetty.dreamwidth.org/541789.html?thread=7540573#cmt7540573 to retrieve them. I had two accounts and one I couldn't remember the login after moving because it had been a yahoo delicious account and I had to change username and password to move. I got the bookmarks back using the instructions from the first link. I have Win 7 and it worked fine. I'd emailed Delicious about a month ago asking each account and they finally got back to me on the one that the bookmarks did finally show up on. Anyway, they said that they will be hosting the old Delicious site until November 1st.

I hope that made sense. I just wanted to post this quickly before have to go do something.

I don't really need one, I guess, but I'm hoping to save up for a pinboard. I was raging at Delicious so much right after the transfer. I'm still not comfortable with the site but what's done is done. I might even finish archiving that one meme and make the tags less confusing, idk. At s.least now what I already archived is on the new site with their tags.

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I just typed it out
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