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Jun 08, 2011 00:14

I haven't posted in a while but thought I would to pass some time. I'm trying to reset my sleep schedule so I need to be up for another 23 hours. Will I actually make it through the whole time? idk. I already feel gross and tired.

On the home front: Still live at home. The two brothers and their families have yet to get another place so I haven't had a bedroom since September. I've grown to accept it but I'm still pretty pissed about it since it means I don't have anywhere private to go when I need time to myself. My mom lets me use her bedroom in the mornings so the kids don't disturb me but that doesn't help when it's the weekend or a holiday and my dad is home.

Bro2's youngest son turns 10 months later this month. He has two bottom teeth and is trying to walk. He knows when you tell him No or M'mmm. He'll actually stop what he's doing usually and if he wasn't supposed to do something he'll look at it and tell himself Mm'mmm. So cute, haha. He signs a little bit (Today he signed more (for more potatoes when I told him to ask nicely instead of just crying and showed him the sign) and milk) and is a sweetie :D He's been a bit clingy lately though. He'll see me and come over to cling to my legs and cry to be picked up then he doesn't want me to put him down. It's mostly when he's sleepy/hungry/unsure about being around people. Uh, from the paragraph I've written you can see he's sort of my favorite. I can't help it. He's a bb. This brother actually does have two other kids though. A 2 year old and a 3 year old that I've been teaching preschool work to.

Bro3 and SIL3 are expecting their first child. I'm actually not happy about it but it's done so I'm just hoping the pregnancy goes well and they have a healthy baby. If it's a girl, even better. Then I'd have two nieces.

I haven't been watching much Panic footage but I've seen some gifs, footage and accounts. I'm glad this version of the band is doing so well together.

Just realized today that I've been meaning to catch up on White Collar since 3/4 through the 1st season and the 3rd season started today *headdesk* I obviously need to correct that.

I can't wait until the second season of Sherlock comes out later this year. I find Andrew Scott's eyebrows endlessly fascinating and Mark Gattis, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch strangely attractive. My brothers wouldn't watch it but I recently got them to and they loved it \o/

I'm thinking I should get my GED this year and my driver's permit. I'm going to be 22 this year so these things really need to get done.

I've been trying to watch Un Prophete for the last week. We'll see if I finish it tonight. Next up is a rewatch of Inception. I'm steeling myself in preparation for watching last week's GoT.
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