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Mar 29, 2011 23:28

I am happily voting for Panic! on this MTV poll. We're in the lead but if people don't keep voting we'll fall back again. I got blocked :/ but I went a found the thingy I used to use when MU/MV tried telling me I'd used up all my time/downloads so it's all good now and I'm back in the race. I was so unhappy when MV made it so you could only watch 72 minutes even if you had a paid account. I have to LOL at Brendon, Spencer and Dallon's encouraging tweets though. I should really find out more about Dallon. He came around the time I wasn't paying as much attention to Patd. Please go vote a few time. Pretty please :D I think it might close in about 30 minutes.

I'll write a proper post tomorrow. Back to voting and watching Chuck.

ETA: It's after 12et and voting is still open. Guess they're going with a different time. The voting, it is endless :O I'll need to recruit some other shows to watch.

LOL just as I posted my edit the poll closed. \o/ *insert happy gif here*
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