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Mar 12, 2010 19:12

I just want to say hi to my new friends. I've finally added most of you back today. I'm horrible about stuff like that these days but hopefully I'll get better. I look forward to seeing your posts on my flist. I have a little sticky about me post. It's pretty old though. I have no idea what it says and should probably update it.

I'm loving how active ontd_extreme and ontd_skating are. Keeping the fun alive. Hopefully they won't be totally dead a month from now. I saw that Jordan and Travis from the UD speedskating team did Ustream thingy last night. I just missed it :/ I had been reading ontd and doing various other stuff when I finally decided to check in on ontd_extreme. I only missed it by 10 minutes or less. It was pretty long apparently. I don't think I would have asked any questions but it would have been nice to listen.
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