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madebyme_x October 28 2016, 13:07:03 UTC
What a perfectly formed fic this is in every way possible!!!

I adored your casting here; with haunted Jensen and free-spirited Jared, Danneel and Doc Aldis. You reworked the movie so well, and I loved your re-imagining of the The Voices and how they were bringing Jared and Jensen together to ease Jensen's pain.

I had such a huge smile on my face while reading this feel-good fic - it's a got a lot of heart, and I just really enjoyed seeing the boys come together and see their adventure and the mystery of the the Voices all come together. Plus I love that you had Jared choke - I was hoping you's include that scene, and Jensen not going into the cornfields *happy sigh*

Thank you so much for writing this beautiful fic, and for sharing it with us all. Take care :)


deirdre_c October 28 2016, 16:22:04 UTC
Oh thank you so, so much!! *dances you around* I can't tell you how much I'm grateful for the lovely, detailed feedback. I'm so glad you liked the casting (I do love using Aldis, he's so fun to include whenever possible!) and how it worked with the original movie. I was kind of doing a bait-and-switch by having J.J. around but then having Jared be the choking victim (instead of the it being the little girl, like in the movie). It was a perfect opportunity to show poor Jensen that he didn't always end up hurting people.

Honestly, your feedback really brings me such joy. I'm delighted that you had so much fun with this story.



harrigan October 28 2016, 19:27:10 UTC
I was going to wait till it was downloadable on AO3... but I was too excited. I love what you did with this. Jensen's character was so vivid, his pain so palpable. Of course, ease his pain was about Jensen's pain. And I teared up when he finally understood his options and chose Jared. What a satisfying ride, for them and for us!


deirdre_c October 29 2016, 10:36:59 UTC
Ahh, sorry! I will put up the AO3 link today! It's been quite a busy week month year around here! /o\

But how much to I love, love, love that you broke down and read anyway??! MORE THAN ANYTHING!! *hugs you tight* Thank you.

And I'm so glad the ending worked for you. I chose this movie for the challenge, long, long before I figured out that ending (in fact, I've been working on the story for years, but just worked out the end in the last couple weeks) and I felt the same as you... like it was MEANT TO BE that way. Jensen offered a magical release, but turning out the true choice was to stay and live. With Jared. *happiness*

Thank you for being so excited to read this one, and for your wonderful comments. I truly cherish them. ♥


glovered October 28 2016, 20:00:47 UTC
I've never seen the movie so have no idea how closely this follows the plot but I doubt it would live up to this beautiful love story.

I really enjoyed this. Your writing is so lovely and Jensen's POV is perfect. I liked that the ghost story part was about ghosts of the past rather than horror, and the feeling that there is so much more to be had from life if Jensen opens himself up to it. I wish this was 100k longer.


deirdre_c October 29 2016, 11:40:26 UTC
Oh wow. I have to admit I wrote this one very much tangled up with the movie plot and scenes in mind, without much consideration for how it would read for those who aren't familiar with the source, so it's such a huge boost to hear that it worked for you, on its own! *kicks feet with happy relief*

And there is no greater compliment than to wish there was more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It means so much to me to get to share this with you. (YOU!) ♥


mdlaw October 28 2016, 23:23:25 UTC
This made me tear up. m :)


deirdre_c October 29 2016, 11:41:48 UTC
Eeeee! What an incredible compliment!! HOW WONDERFUL! I mean, not you crying. Sorry about that. But that my story touched you. Hooray!!!

Thank you so much for reading, and for letting me know that it worked for you. *joy*


dollarformyname October 29 2016, 02:47:39 UTC
AHHH! *wraps self in fic and wears it home*

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE that you picked this movie! Like, just with the awesome memories I associate with sitting around to watch Field of Dreams, I was already primed to be swept away. Then I read it and it was so much more perfectly perfect than I could've imagined.

Of course Jensen is the grumpiest grump and Jared is the hopeful dreamer who listens to voices in his head. OF COURSE. Jared trying to kidnap Jensen and Jensen being like, "Don't you finger-gun me, pal." Does a better opener exist?? NO. No, it does not. And then you went and messed up Jensen's knee, and I was like ♥__♥ ☆_☆ :DDD Because I am me. Oh, and idk if I mentioned how much I adore you casting Aldis as Moonlight, but I do! Especially the history you included there. JENSEN COOKING! JARED WORKING ON THE TRACTOR!! JARED RIDING JENSEN!!! But my favoritest favorite part was seeing your execution of Jared choking and Jensen refusing to go into the corn. Agh. Here is my heart, please just take it ( ... )


deirdre_c October 29 2016, 16:28:08 UTC
Heee!! Consider it my letterman's jacket that you can wear to the game so people know we're going steady!! :DDD

And thank you thank you THANK YOU for being so patient with me as I struggled to finish this. It's taken me 3 rounds of spn_cinema to finally get close to done and I was determined not to drop the ball again. Your incredible, beautiful art was definitely the inspiration I needed to push me over the goal line! (Do you like all these sports metaphors I'm making? *dork*)

Jensen's bum knee + you = OTP!!! \o/

And Aldis' history was so fun to write. I knew I wanted to tweak that scene in the movie to be one that was more tied up in the segregated baseball era, and the Tigers (my home team) have quite a sordid history with it, so it was fun for me to get to situate that here on my home turf. (MORE. SPORTS. METAPHORS.)

I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the story (*cough*whenyouwerefinallyabletoreadthedamnthing*cough*) and I'm even more thrilled to have had the chance to collaborate with you again. YOU ARE MY WONDERWALL! ♥


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