TVD 4x22: Lolz From the Other Side

May 11, 2013 07:02

So I've just watched the episode, I'm super late to the party, and I'm too tired to be intelligent. This was a pretty good episode. Well put together, occasionally suspenseful, consistently entertaining. A few of my impressions will have to wait to see how next week plays out, but generally, this was a good ep.

But who's really here for actual thoughts. I bring you:


Here is what I have learned about this other plane of existence:

1. Why yes, you can get a nice haircut during your stay on The Other Side. (reference: Kol.)

2. Your hair also continues to grow after you cross over. (reference: Lexi.)

3. There is shopping to be found on the Other Side. (reference: everyone wearing different clothes than the ones they died in. Well, the boys were all wearing pretty nondescript clothes, but Lexi was DEFINITELY wearing a different outfit.)

4. You are permitted to take crossbows with you. Or perhaps just check them out at the Other Side Armory. (Brought to you by Jeremy Gilbert and his Afterlife Arsenal.)

5. Ghosts spend most of their time shipping and not nearly enough time worrying about their loved ones being in constant peril. (reference: everyone but Kol, basically.)

6. Things can get rough on the Other Side. (reference: Kol literally making a prison shiv out of a broken bottle and brandishing it at Matt, even though he is a vampire with fangs and superstrength and a broken bottle kind of seems like the least of anyone's worries at this point.)

And thus concludes this week's edition of Lolz From the Other Side. Feel free to add any salient points of information you gleaned from our glimpse into the supernatural beyond.

Random points of interest, because even a lol post needs a little almost-substance:

~I don't know where Katherine ran off to, but I am firmly on Team Keep Katherine the Fuck Alive, so keep running, lady.

~Why does Stefan Salvatore Stefan Salvatore. He didn't really do anything all that wrong in this episode, and yet I still wanted to slap him sometimes. Also, this might just be my own issue, but is anyone else tired of Stefan either being responsible or at least present every single damn time Elena needs 'saving?' Like, stop it, show. Especially in that Kol scene. Couldn't Jeremy just save Elena solo? Did we really need Stefan to deal the final blow? Answer: NO. No, we did not.

~I still can't with Matt/Rebekah. Sorry. But. Just. No.

~Damon and Alaric were enjoyable. That was surprisingly pleasant.

~Why is Kol even. Not in a 'why is Stefan Salvatore' kind of way. Mostly in a 'this character has been nothing but lol and he continues to be lol and hey whatever I enjoy it but lol basically' way.

~The cliffhanger was good, but Bonnie best not be dead. I mean it, show.

~Lol @ the show using ghosts to indicate its future shipping agenda. Stefan/Caroline officially has the all-clear. Would that I still shipped it like I did.

~I can't with Alexander the Ex. Anyone with that hair wandering around Mystic Falls looking angry and/or lost will never be anything but funny.

~LOL x ONE BILLION at the center of the expression triangle being in MYSTIC FALLS FUCKING HIGH. I'm surprised the exact point wasn't in the gym, tbh.

~I actually really enjoy Silas as a villain, because he is fucking with my head like whoa. The fact that he can get into everyone's heads makes me not trust pretty much anything. Like, the ghosts all tried to prove their legit-ness by using special memories or whatever, and I'm just like, "But he can get into your head! He knows ALL YOUR MEMORIES." I think I'm being an alarmist about 67% of the time, but still, it's kind of fun to have a villain that's legitimately threatening. #looking at you and your fail, Klaus  #remember when you were scary  #nope, neither do i

~At this point, I am just waiting for Damon to be accidentally cured. This is something that's going to happen. I almost thought he would get mistakenly slammed with the cure or something while Silas was cuddling with that rock wall (when two become ooooone - I clearly need to go to sleep, but nonetheless, Spice Girls are always relevant). It's only a matter of time, however. My current theory, based loosely on some promo pics, so, spoilers, I guess? Damon spends the day carrying around that damn cure in his pocket because he's been distracted by the impending apocalypse, and in whatever scuffle ensues, the vial breaks and cuts into him and he gets unintentionally cured and everything is predictable but they all look super shocked anyway. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. (the method bit, not the human bit, because everybody called that about 6 months ago.)

~I appreciated the return of the Jeremy hug. You know what I mean. The Jeremy hug is a thing, and it is a thing I appreciate.

Alright, I'm done. I'm sure there's more, but the sun rose a few hours ago, and I think I should probably get another hour of sleep or two. So, this has been fun.

Season finale next week, I guess?

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