TVD 4x19: Pictures of You - Sorry, not you, just my close personal friends

Apr 19, 2013 06:46

Did anyone else find this hilarious? A photo memory book of our senior class! Which translates to: here, have some obvious screen shots of Caroline's inner circle! Of course, I suppose the rest of their freshman class is dead by now. All those people at the prom were probably recent transfer students. Get out while you can, kids. #Welcome to Mystic Falls, free coffin when you pass Go

So I don't have it in me to give any sort of in-depth analysis. I have had the cold from hell for nigh on two weeks now, and I'm not exactly at my cleverest. So here. Have a lol post.


lol prom. I have a weird relationship with prom. As in, I just don't get it. Listen. I went to my prom. I had a lovely time. I have zero personal prom trauma. And yet, I do not and I never have understood the American obsession with prom. The most important night of your senior year? WHY??? It is just a dance. It's a fun dance. But my reaction to all the ado about prom is much like my rage when people try to tell me that a wedding is the most important day of a girl's life (fuck you by the way why isn't it the most important day of the groom's life too go away). I just can't deal with so much importance being placed on what is essentially a glorified party. Okay, this has been an impromptu rant. Prepare yourselves, friends. All my brain cells have been killed by cough medicine.

Ok, now that I've alienated everyone, let's move on. WHY WAS PROM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS. But really.

But one more thing: how come Jeremy's death wasn't enough to get Tyler to communicate, but somehow PROM was important enough to warrant his appearance? This is what I'm talking about. Why this arbitrary significance placed on a school dance. How come no one brought this up. Jeremy dying could have at least gotten a text. And yet this vital radio silence was broken because Tyler wanted to dance with Caroline. I mean. Maybe I was supposed to find this romantic. And don't get me wrong, I was happy to see Tyler again. But I do object to the overall picture. Alright, done now.

Let's all just agree that Bonnie was the best thing about the episode, yes? Good. I mean, her whole storyline right now is by far the most straightforwardly awesome thing that's been happening on TVD lately. It's really championing the melding of plot relevance and emotional import, and I am enjoying it in an uncomplicated, delighted fashion. Elena's arc is wrought with pitfalls, but Bonnie's is just straight up fantastic. Nothing more to be said, really.

Nice job with Silas!Jeremy. I did not know he was coming back. Did anyone else? I thought this was well done.

Also, Bonnie had the prettiest dress of anyone. How come no one complimented her on that? Good look, lady.

And to conclude, because I'm seriously not going in depth right now, that last scene with Bonnie and Silas was pretty damn great. As in, legit creepy. I do so love it when TVD delves into true horror.

Ok, so Matt/Rebekah continues to be terrible. Sorry to my shipper friends out there. I just went on a rant about this on Marta's amnesty post, and everything I said there just got reaffirmed here. Basically, I have no patience for any relationship in which someone has to 'prove' their worthiness to their chosen partner. And that's all I see with Matt/Rebekah. It was actually made super explicit in this episode, and yet we still weren't supposed to see it as gross? I don't even know. But Matt keeps putting Rebekah down and making her feel unworthy of love/respect/anything, really, and Rebekah, being the trodden-upon, self-loathing person she is, just takes it all as fact. She believes Matt when he tells her that she isn't a good person. And that is just something I can't ship. Because it's just the same shades of all the things that were wrong with Matt/Caroline. Matt tends to be an entitled dick to his romantic partners (unless said partner is Elena, but come on, talk about a Madonna/Whore complex. I mean, seriously.), and somehow everyone keeps letting him behave so all while insisting that Matt is so good and wholesome and wonderful. And listen, sometimes Matt is. I'm not hating on Matt. I just really, really want Matt to stop being a judgmental dick to the ladies who want to be with him. You are not the moral police, Matt. Cool it with the criticism.

To his credit, I did appreciate when he admitted that he didn't know why Rebekah cared so much about what he had to say. I have fewer problems with Matt/Rebekah than I did with Matt/Caroline, just because Matt really doesn't see himself as romantically involved with Rebekah. I just don't know why the show would want us to ship this. Rebekah deserves someone who's going to try to make her see how wonderful she already is - not someone who's just going to echo all the things she hates about herself.

LET'S LOL ABOUT PROM SOME MORE. Someone explain to me how Matt and Bonnie ended up as prom king and queen? I suppose Matt is the only male senior left at that school, so fine. But listen, I love Bonnie like whoa, but how did she end up as prom queen? When was the last time she went to school? Like, seriously, though. I'm pretty sure she hasn't been to school since, like, October. I AM 100% FOR REAL HERE. DO THESE PEOPLE EVEN KNOW WHO BONNIE IS.

So now all I can think about is this particular crack fantasy: "I voted for Bonnie Bennet because she got hit by a bus." "I voted for Elena Gilbert because she pushed her." TVD = MEAN GIRLS NOTHING WILL CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.

Ok, let's wrap this disaster up. I basically can't with Damon/Elena/Stefan anymore. It's just too complicated and difficult and I mostly get it but it's just too much to even talk about right now. Everything about them is wearing me out. So I'm going to be super brief.

Lol Stefan you are the least convincing. His whole let's talk about how great you feel when I touch you thing was super awkward and would have been hilarious if I hadn't been kind of cringing in my seat. Serious question: was I supposed to find that hot? Seriously, someone please tell me. Because I was just sort of 'make it stop please.' I probably would have done the same even if it had been Damon. It was just weird.

But anyway, anyone who believes that Stefan is actually done with Elena (I'm talking to you, Stefan Salvatore) is a blind bloody fool. Because Stefan is an idiot, and he has zero self-control. And it's just an indication of how much Stefan is the worst that I totally didn't even call that Silas!Stefan WAS Silas!Stefan until Damon staked him. I think that's partially my own daftness, because I'm sure other people called it a lot quicker. But a lot of it is that I can really imagine Stefan saying those things, because Stefan is kind of the worst. Yes? Yes.

I'm curious how this whole Elena situation is going to play out with the brothers. Because it's very clear that Damon is taking all his cues from Stefan, and I'm wondering if, when, and how that's going to stop. Damon was so very much NOT a fan of the Lexi method, and I can't see him really being able to go through with it, unless he really, truly has resigned himself to letting Stefan call all the shots, as I posited (at great length, naturally) a while back. Which, well, he has, but at some point that might break, and I wonder what the catalyst will be for him to come back into his own. I have to say, it's just one of the many things I've found unsettling about this whole arc. While I totally understand it and find it very true to character, it has been kind of difficult watching Damon...not be Damon. Damon's always been very strong-willed, and watching him be a glorified lackey is, well, kind of weird. Chalk it up to just another mindfuck of this ever-turbulent season 4.

OK THAT'S ALL I'M DONE WITH THEM. There are tons of super interesting things to say about Elena. But I'm so not up for it. So I'll let my betters tend to that line of thought. I've got the pointless ranting of insignificant details covered, though.

And one last thing. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I HATE BACKDOOR PILOTS? Because I so, so do. Ughhhhh, this is the WORST. Like, I kind of very seriously don't want to watch this next episode. We have all these fascinating things going on with our people, and so many things to tie up in the scant few episodes we have left this season, and instead, we have to go watch Klaus frolic in New Orleans? FUCK YOU. Seriously, I am super mad about this. It is a waste of my time. We have three episodes left this season. Three. And one of them is going to be completely blown on plotlines and characters that have no lasting relevance to our show. If you want to make an Originals show, fine. I will check it out (maybe). But don't take my show away because you want to get a head start on ratings. And especially don't do it at this critical point in the season, when everything should be focused on all the arcs we've spent 19 episodes building. Is anyone else enraged about this? BECAUSE I AM SO ENRAGED.

ETA: ok, I've just found out there are actually 23 episodes this season instead of 22, which is a welcome turn of events. I'm slightly less enraged now. But I still really, really, really hate backdoor pilots.

So this has been a post. Sorry about that.

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