TVD 4x15: Who's bringing the marshmallows?

Feb 22, 2013 04:47

Whoa, guys. Honestly, I don't even really know what to say. This episode was a tricky one. I'm feeling a little speechless.

I'm slowly finding things to say, but my first reaction was just sort of floored. Because a lot of complicated things happened in this episode, the likes of which I'm not sure if I love or despise, but can we get one thing out of the way? This was a beautifully done episode. As in, a few of those scenes were just stunningly shot. I don't even know what it was that got me so much, but the composition, the acting, seriously, just, gorgeously done. Seriously intense and just meticulously put together. So beyond the actual implications of this episode, this was kind of a phenomenal episode just in that it was actually fantastic to watch.

Ok, now let's get the unpleasant bit out of the way. I don't really have the energy to discuss this at length, so I'll be brief (lol, I know. But really.). Damon invoked the sire bond to get Elena to turn it off. Elena then proceeded to turn it off. This would indicate that the sire bond is, in fact, real. But here's the thing. Maybe I'm just in serious, severe, Elena-style denial. But I just cannot believe that the sire bond is real. I CAN'T. It's not even a shipper thing. It's just that it makes no sense to me, and it is an idiotic narrative choice if it does turn out to be legit, and I just cannot grasp that the show would really do it. Seriously, guys, I try to entertain the possibility that the sire bond is everything it's supposed to be and it feels like my mind just hits a wall. It just IS NOT REAL. So this new development in which Damon essentially compels Elena into turning off her humanity (ugh, humanity) doesn't enrage me nearly as much as it should, because I CANNOT believe in the sire bond. This means that I'm actually super interested in this plotline, because I believe Elena flipping the switch was a choice. And that makes all the difference.

Here's why it makes sense. I was watching the scene very closely, believe me. And naturally, I could turn out to be entirely wrong and feel quite a fool at the end of it all. But the way I saw it, here was Elena, on the floor, in more pain than she'd ever felt in her life. And Damon, her emotional support, the guy who's been there for her and looked out for her, who she's relied on significantly for ages now, kneels down and presents an option to her. Turn it off. And it's tempting. It's so, so tempting. Elena knows how the switch works. She knows that you can turn it off, but that that isn't the end. She can turn it back on again whenever she wants to. Or everything will just slowly creep back in again, like it did with Stefan. Turning it off isn't permanent. But it will solve the now. And right now, Elena is staggered by the pain. So for once, she takes the easy way out. Because she is strong, and she has handled all the truly terrible, cripplingly painful things that have happened to her thus far with grace, with courage. She did it all the right way. But losing Jeremy is just too much. It is the one thing she cannot handle, cannot survive. So she turns it off. And that's that.

If the show does the unthinkable and somehow verifies that the sire bond is real in a way that will convince even me, then this is a disaster. It is another case of Other-ing, using the easy fix to get drama while simultaneously maintaining the get out of jail free card. But the thing is, I can honestly, honestly imagine this scene taking place exactly as it did even if the sire bond had never been introduced. If anything could drive Elena to flip the switch, it would be Jeremy's death. And here it is. So I am on board with this storyline, because this is the way I understand what's just happened. And I am interested in an Elena who chooses to turn it all off.

Oh, I've just remembered one more thing. For those of you who are concerned that this scene is validating the actual existence of the sire bond (hem hem *Alex*). This move is clearly one intended to generate drama and all that jazz. But it's also deftly chosen, provided that my firm belief that the sire bond is a fake is correct. Because Damon could have told her to do anything. He could have told her to stop feeling sad. He could have told her to calm down, to be at peace, even to forget. But instead, he told her to flip the switch. And that is the only thing Elena could do without his influence. If he had told her to just stop feeling so sad and she had done it, then I would be freaking out that the sire bond had been ineluctably confirmed. Because there's no way Elena could do that without the sire bond. But flipping the switch? Elena can do that all on her own. All she needed was a gentle push, an encouraging suggestion, from someone she trusts. The rest is in her power. Do you see what I'm saying? I could prove to be wholly wrong, in which case, you may all laugh at me in my complete deluded-ness. But this COULD be a skillful move on the show's part. I will believe it until I absolutely cannot anymore.

Ok, that's my deal. Come at me, I guess?

But one thing: even if you hated what actually happened in that scene, can we all agree that the scene itself was genuinely stunning? Idk why I'm flipping out over the filming of this episode, guys, but just. This scene was amazing. Naturally, Damon and Elena together were breathtaking. Not even in a ship-y way (though that was there too, in its way). It's just that Ian and Nina both performed incredibly, and the closeness and the situation and the utter emotional desolation combined to make a truly intense, just glorious scene. Even though I knew that something similar would happen, for some reason, when he told her to turn it off, I actually gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. I knew something equivalent was happening, but the scene was so flawlessly built that it still struck me. And that final shot of Stefan and Caroline standing aside and Damon and Elena just collapsed on the floor in frozen agony, just. GORGEOUS.

I seriously don't know why I am film class geeking out over all this, guys. I just am.

OH, OH. And on that note, that scene in which the team was arguing about Bonnie's plan was also just phenomenally shot. It had this feel of almost claustrophobic escalating madness that was so perfect for the moment, and I loved every bit of it. I WILL STOP NOW BUT THIS EPISODE WAS KIND OF AMAZING SOMETIMES OK?

Hmm, what else. Once random hunter guy (did he have a name? Probably. Fucked if I can remember, though.) said Silas could be anyone, I knew it would be someone we knew, because that's how TV works. But I actually got it wrong. I thought that perhaps it would be Bonnie (though the flashback scene made me reassess my attempt to be clever). Still, I totally should have called Shane. Whatever.

Speaking of which, lowering the veil between the normal world and the other side? Worst idea ever, y/y? I immediately started thinking of all the baddies we've killed over the years who would all immediately be out for the blood of Team Mystic Falls. Shall we discuss? It could be a good drinking game or something. OH MAN I FORGOT ABOUT MY TVD DRINKING GAME. Though I'm pretty sure every time someone said humanity, you had to take a shot. YOU READY, FRIENDS?

Let's do some lolz, because I am out of any thoughts that could even vaguely be considered intelligent.

~So Stefan and Meredith have a scene alone together, and naturally my first thought once they sat upon the stairs was, "huh, maybe these two should bone," because the Law of TVD is that the second two characters are on screen together they are officially shippable. It was only AFTER that highly predictable thought that I remembered these two were married. Oy.

~How great was that Damon/Rebekah "creepy" moment? Pure gold. My particular favourite was when Bex was describing all the twisted things she could do to random hunter guy, and Damon gave her this look, all "Mmmmm. You're a psychopath. I'm into it." SO SHIPPABLE, TBH.

~To that end, who else expected Damon and Stefan to kiss in that Brothership scene? Be honest.

~Ah, but about that. Ok, maybe I am just a disgruntled fool with Stefan issues, but while I get what the show was trying to do with that brothers moment when Damon let Stefan off the hook, I just...I WANTED to hear what Stefan was going to say. Because frankly, I DON'T know. There are a lot of things he could have said. Because Stefan has done a lot of things to his brother, and he owes a lot to his brother, and he feels a lot for his brother. There were so many things Stefan could have said there, and it makes a difference which one he would have chosen to say at this moment. Did anyone else feel this way? Or are you all pretty confident about what Stefan intended? Enlighten me.

~Back to lolz. WHAT WAS WITH THE RANDOM DAMON/BONNIE PANDERING IN THIS EP? It was hilarious. Seriously, that mini-shipper manifesto Elena gave Matt about how Damon loves Bonnie, just. WHAT. WHAT WAS THAT. And then Damon and Bonnie hugged, and it was flat out cracked out lolz.

~Sorry, guys, but Matt is an amusing crier. I am a terrible person with no soul. But he made me laugh. I'M SORRY.

~Ian is inhumanely beautiful what else is new. But seriously, something about that first cave scene? UNF WHAT ARE YOU, BOY.

~Who missed Klaus in this ep? Anyone? DIDN'T THINK SO.

~But on that note, I see your groundwork for your spinoff, show, and I do not appreciate it. Have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I dislike backdoor pilots? It's just a lazy way for writers to hijack my show to promote another show. Well, fuck that. If I want to watch that other show, I will. But don't take MY show away for a week because you want to get a head start on ratings. #this is an old bitterness, just leave me to my rage

~How did Stefan, Elena, and Dead!Jeremy get back from Canada so fast? Hey, and how did they get Jeremy's corpse back without getting any questions (or arrests?)?


~Can Chez Gilbert really be gone? I will miss that house. I know this sounds impossibly sentimental, but it feels like the loss of another character.

~And finally, RIP Jeremy Gilbert. I spent the whole episode rooting for Elena to accept his death, but now he's really gone. You will be missed, Littlest Gilbert. We shall spread your ashes with a meat cleaver.

To conclude (for now. Undoubtedly, more thoughts will occur to me when I have more energy to deal with them): this episode was complex. It could turn out to be one of the worse things to happen. Or it could end up being utterly brilliant. I suppose we'll see.

Oh, P.S. WTF hiatus? This will not do. Three weeks? No. Just. No.

Ok, I had to come back and edit this, because, of course, I did remember something I wanted to talk about. Predictably, it's about D/E. Yeah, I know. Anyway. Disregarding the grossness of Damon invoking the sire bond (which I have lots of thoughts about, but not enough energy to discuss right now), can we talk about how Damon has just pretty much definitively ruined any chance he has of being with Elena? As in, he basically broke up with her. Because if Elena has turned it all off, she can't feel anything anymore (if the switch works like everyone thinks it does, which, incidentally, it DOESN'T, but the workings of the switch seem to be mind over matter, so if Elena thinks she can't feel anymore, she will at least temporarily make it so). And that means she's no longer in love with Damon. This is...kind of a big deal? Of course it doesn't all work that way, and all of this will be temporary, but still. Damon just did his utmost to make Elena fall out of love with him. This weird sort of half-together thing they've had going on since 4x07? That will be gone. I don't even know why this warrants a discussion. It just sort of floors me in a weird way. Have you ever seen another couple do something like this? Idk, guys, just. Through thick and thin, Damon and Elena are just so interesting, you know?

But about that, let's briefly talk about Stefan. I was more than a little eye-roll-y when Stefan pretty much said that the only value Damon had in supporting Elena was his ability to invoke the sire bond. I briefly thought that when Stefan said they needed to get Damon home, it would be because he was recognizing that Damon and Elena are at least sort of together and that Elena loves him (or at least thinks she loves him ugh Stefan why are you like this). But no, it was all about the sire bond. Proving that Stefan is just obsessed with the sire bond. Maybe Stefan is sired to the sire bond.

But then that final Brothership scene happened, and Stefan finally admitted that Elena had Damon as someone to care about. Except. Notice how Stefan only admits this after Damon has essentially eliminated Elena's feelings for him. This is perhaps an uncharitable observation. But Stefan can only be supportive and understanding about Damon's situation with Elena...when there is no more Damon and Elena.

The only way I will ever be anything less than condescendingly disgusted by this is if I remind myself that it's all because Stefan is secretly in love with Damon and just wants him for himself. So that's what I'll do.


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