Rage, rage against this fucking show.

Nov 30, 2012 06:04

So I've literally just finished the episode. I'm not sure I've ever been so angry at this show (and I've been very, very angry before). It seems like from the look of my flist I am not alone in this. Which makes me love my flist, btw. And hate this show. So, so much.

Listen, I'm not being too extreme here. I am not quitting this show. God knows I wish I could, but this show has gotten under my skin and I am too deep into it to be able to get free now (ugh, I want to make a D/E reference but I am TOO ANGRY). And I know the show will fix this in some way. It will all turn out that the sire bond or whatever is fake or insignificant or who even fucking cares, really. But that's how it'll go, because it has to. If it doesn't end up like that, this show is literally fucking over its own protagonist in a way I've never seen done in television before, and it would be the actual worst thing in the universe. So all will come out well, because there is simply no other option.

That being said, I just cannot for the life of me understand why the show thinks this is a good idea. I don't care if it turns out ok. I do not care if it's all just a scare. How DARE the writers even introduce for a second the idea that all of Elena's wonderful character growth this season, all her self-realization and self-forgiveness and all these amazing things that finally start with 'self' and don't end with a negative - that all that is a fucking SIDE EFFECT?

Literally. How dare they. How dare this show. I legitimately think this is one of the worst decisions it has ever made. Even if it all works out, it is introducing a precedent for doubting Elena and her agency that is just too damaging in this already volatile fandom. I just do not care how this foolish 'storyline' gets resolved. It will simply never be ok for anyone to ever say that Elena's decisions, her coming into her own as an adult - that all that is 'compromised' by her 'condition,' even if it's just a possibility. Someone tell me, how could that ever be ok.

Ok, I'm done for now. I have about a million and a half other complaints, ranging from the petty to the thoughtful to the clearly biased shipper fury (which, however, I say I have earned tenfold by now). That'll come, probably, possibly, who even knows. Maybe I will post tomorrow. Or maybe it will take me weeks to forgive this show. I don't even know. I'm aware I'm being tres dramatique. So be it. I never claimed to be rational. But I'm just going on record as saying that I do not approve of this narrative choice. It makes no sense, it is honestly offensive, and the benefits it could reap are simply not worth the damage it WILL cause.

So, badly done, show. I've said it before, but I'm not sure it's ever been more true. 

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