Left side of the brain controls right side of the body. Are only left-handers in their right mind?

Jan 04, 2011 16:14

I have this thing about left-handed people...I find them extremely sexy. It's like left-handed people = immediate stirring of the loins regardless of appearance in my mind. Of course it does help if said people are already sexy to begin with. If Jang Geun Suk or Kim Hyun Joong were actually left-handed...why I doubt I'd be able to gather up enough ( Read more... )

tharr be men ahoy, my most favourite guys ever, talking about celebs, this entry pwns you and your first born

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ladysaotome January 4 2011, 19:47:35 UTC
:) My hubby is a lefty...

oh, and it's not just Japan that used to try to force lefties to be righties - my Hubby went thru it, too, here in the US - and he's 31.


cwazy_weiven January 6 2011, 13:06:17 UTC
My first (and as it stands) only boyfriend was lefty. I guess thats when I first realized my attraction. Before the sight of someone left-handed merely made me double back.

I've heard about that. Don't they tie a childs left hand behind their back and make them write with their right? Or is this actually a scene from some dramatic historical movie I'd seen and I'm already starting to confuse fiction with reality ^^U


ladysaotome January 6 2011, 15:38:53 UTC
I've heard of the tying their hands behind their back but I think it was something they did back in the day - like those historical movies show? ;)

I'm normally oblivious to which hand people use - especially on tv as sometimes they flip the screen - but I definitely remember going through the exact confusion you described about Yamapi when watching Nobuta. ^_^


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