Left side of the brain controls right side of the body. Are only left-handers in their right mind?

Jan 04, 2011 16:14

I have this thing about left-handed people...I find them extremely sexy. It's like left-handed people = immediate stirring of the loins regardless of appearance in my mind. Of course it does help if said people are already sexy to begin with. If Jang Geun Suk or Kim Hyun Joong were actually left-handed...why I doubt I'd be able to gather up enough senses or sanity to actually be typing this (or function in life).

Shirota Yuu: He's tall. He's hot. He's half. He plays BAMF Shinjo Kei in ROOKIES to utter perfection and with the most perfect hairstyle in the world ever. Your arguments from here on are naught. It's almost like fate that the role that introduced me to the epitome of awesome that is Shirota Yuu and his adorably dorky self was the left-handed BAMF captain of the Seigaku tennis club, Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Tezuka Kunimitsu is voiced in the anime by Okiayu Ryoutaro and Okiayu Ryoutaro is my NUMBER ONE MOST FAVOURITE SEIYUU OF ALL TIME IN THE WORLD EVER!

Yamashita Tomohisa: Technically ambidextrous, although I'd go for the term occasional lefty. Yamapi left me pretty confused early on. Watching a drama where he's writing or eating or doing anything that involves using his hands always left me going 'OMG Yamapi's left-handed. SEXY! Wait a minute, he's writing with his right hand, but isn't he a lefty. Did I see that right or was I imagining it? No wait he's using chopsticks with his left hand. YUMM YAMAPI GLASSES AHDGSH HOT! Now he's back to being a lefty--no, a righty--no, left again...WTF?'

Only later on did I learn that while he's technically left-handed, he writes with his right hand. Something about in those days people would make their left-handed children write with their right hand because supposedly because certain Japanese characters don't turn out right when its written with the left hand (or they were afraid of left-handed people being the anti-Christ). Whatever the reason was; occasional lefty Yamapi = hot. Dorky spectacle Yamapi = AKDJHJSGDHJSHDJKSDH!

** Yamapi and Shirota are also the best mabudachi in the entire world. Imagine a Shirota/Yamapi reunion where they're being their hot left-handed selves and I'm just like FOAMING AT THE MOUTH!

Oguri Shun: I don't think that there's much I can say about Shun that people don't already know. Number one: he's amazing. Number two: he's really amazing. Number three: he's stupendously, blindingly, mind blowingly amazing. Number four: He plays Hanazawa Rui. These are four things that you should already know about Shun and if you don't already know them, you do well to learn quickly. Unlike Yamapi, Shun is a total lefty. He eats, writes, punches and kicks with his left. Like Shirota. I can say one thing for sure, it's much easier for Sano and Kagurazaka to write love notes side-by-side and feed each other because they don't have to worry about their elbows bumping.

There were a few Korean idols and actors that I noticed were left handed, like: Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu from DBSK (the only two I know from the bands I'm familiar with), Kim Hyo Jin who plays Seo Joon in Mary Stayed Out All Night and while I'm not actually sure if this is right, Kim Jae Wook, Jung In, also from Mary Stayed Out All Night. I'm going to have to re-check that.

tharr be men ahoy, my most favourite guys ever, talking about celebs, this entry pwns you and your first born

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