Mar 23, 2009 11:58

It's now 11.40 A.M. on the 23rd of March.

I am currently at work. I have about 70 account opening forms to fill out and so naturally I decide to do something completely unrelated.

I woke up this morning at about 3.40 A.M. just as my toilet-alarm went off (note: the alarm I set to go to the bathroom, because I hate waking up at 6.15 to go to the toilet when I have to get out of bed for work at 6.30) stinging like someone just poked me with a needle in the side. I thought it was a mosquito or something, but it fucking stung unlike any mosquito bite I've ever experienced. It was a baby centipede and I wanted to kill it with the blunt end of the broom because I'm just hardcore like that, but it got away.

So I lay back down on the bed after applying Tiger Balm and 'minyak cap kapak' hoping that the centipede wasn't one of twins. The stinging was almost gone and lying there in the dark with the fan blowing at my feet, I started thinking about Alexander the Great, because that's just naturally how my mind works.

I loved Oliver Stone's Alexander movie, despite it's rather lackluster reception by American viewers. I'd even go as far as to say that Alexander is number one on my list of Most Favourite Movie of all time. And the people who keep on shitting on it for absurd reasons (like Colin's hair and how his brows don't match his dye-job. I mean wtf?) and who keep going 'LOLZ WTF ALEXANDER WASN'T GAR** IT WAS PLATONIC LOVE BETWEEN HIM AND HEPHAESTION. OLIVER STONE YOU CLOSETED HOMO GTFO!' just make me roll my eyes and board the ROFLCOPTER.

Okay, we could never really know to what extent was Alexander's love for Hephaestion; whether it was brotherly, camraderie or lay with fellow man because he's fucking hot being played by Jared Leto type of love, and in that day and age it was acceptable for a man to love another man, but consider the facts here:

If Alexander and Hephaestion were born in this day and age, they would be on MSN fanboying and roleplaying Achilles and Patroclus's great LOVE for each other and how when Patroclus was killed by Eric BanaHector, Achilles practically invaded Troy by himself. Alexander and Hephaestion did the ancient Greek version of 'shipping Achilles/Patroclus or Achoclus/Patrilles as they would have been called now.

When Hephaestion died, Alexander built him a SIXTY METER HIGH FUNERAL PYRE, then died just eight months later. He did a lot more than that but that's what Wiki is for.

If that isn't your definition of love, then E! should stop selling crap news of Paris Hilton and Benji Madden and go out of business. Firstly, it's Paris 'the fucking slut' Hilton and a guy named after a dog! I'm shocked his brother's name isn't Lassie or Kujo.

I could go on, but I won't because I'm lazy and I should go and do some work...which I won't anyway, but I can always pretend.

So this is me signing off from this post that came out TOTALLY different from what I had intended to write in the first place.

Tough luck.

** To get the GAR thing, go here now.

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