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Also known as bazillion Top Ten Guys I'd Kiss, renamed My Most Favourite Guys Ever Part 1.

1. Shirota Yuu
I've been loving Shirota ever since his early days on Tenimyu, where he sings and dances and is only a pair of golden pants and a couple of high kicks removed from The Boy from Oz. I think he has quite possible one of the nicest voice in Japanese entertainment right now (especially comparing him to the "singers") and as far as drama's are concerned, I still love him brooding, bleeding and beating up people...ala Shinjo, or brooding, stalking and secretly lusting after Sano and not being the tallest person in the entire world drama...ala Kagurazaka.

In Tenimyu, he plays Tezuka Kunimitsu with undoubtedly one of (the two) best voices, the best stage presence and the dorkiest backstage. There's nothing much he could have done with Tezuka anyway because despite being voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou, Tezuka is pretty much a cardboard cutout wearing glasses. I also liked him a lot in Koshonin because he wears a lot of white and is a complete and utter psychopath. He also looks like the tallest person in the world there.

In conclusion, I vote that Shirota get more roles where he's acting along side Oguri Shun or a role in the upcoming CROWS ZERO 2 because though Oguri Shun is about 4 centimeters shorter than Shirota, he looks like one of the shorter characters in the movie...besides Yamada Takayuki, but then again, Yamada Takayuki is about 4 centimeters taller than Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

2. Miura Haruma
Miura...what can I say about Miura that cannot be seen? He's incredibly beautiful. He's has one of the cutest smiles in the world. He's talented. He's sensitive. He's just downright adorable! I first heard about him when they announced that there was going to be a Gokusen 3. I slapped my forehead and went 'no, shit.' Then I caught the first episode on Veoh (before they decided that we didn't give them enough money and blocked us tiny little non-powerhouse countries) and after thinking that this was the love child of Kazuki Katou and a couple of non-intangible words and PG-13 thoughts later, I decided that I like, even though he's from 1990 and my brothers' from 1992.

Then I saw that he was in Sky of Love, which is really a tear-jerking, sob-choking, makes you grateful for your life, Hallmark type of movie. I did like his hair in it. But I like him more (and best) in Gokusen 3 despite being one of the most repetitive, recycled, one-dimensional, plotless drama's ever. Call it a guilty pleasure if you will. I'd even go as far as to say that he and Sawada Shin tie at number one of my most favourite Gokusen character ever. I saw Binbo Danshi and even though it had Miura Haruma not so secretly pinning for Oguri Shin and wearing THE GAYEST sweater after Domyouji Tsukasa's raccoon coat in Hanadan, it's really just a Watch Once type of Densha Otoko.

3. Nagase Tomoya
What can I say about Nagase? He's hot, he's dorky and he handles being both at the same time with utter perfection. In IWGP (which is a personal favourite), he does the intellectually dumb, street wise, technologically illiterate ex-gangster the way an intellectually dumb, street wise, technologically illiterate ex-gangster has never been played before.

In Mukodono 2003, that I mention because I like it more than the original, he plays two complete opposite characters like they were actually two characters in two different dramas that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The cool and aloof, one-worded megastar singer pursued by the entire civilized population (and some of the uncivilized), Sakuraba Yuichiro; then the dorkiest dork ever to dorkishly dork up your television screens: Samehada Yuichiro.

Sakuraba Yuichiro dazzles, drawls, walks with languid grace and advices a fan to coolly get a bear as a pet...or Matsumoto Jun (LOL YES IT WAS A KIMI WA PETTO REFERENCE IN THE DRAMA). Samehada Yuichiro likes headbands, sweatpants, gold-rimmed spectacles and being a complete and utter dork.

I watched both My Boss, My Hero and Tiger and Dragon only half way. Actually I watched Tiger and Dragon halfway because despite Nagase excelling at playing the intellectually dumb, morally conscious Yakuza henchmen, I didn't get most of the jokes and I got bored halfway. In My Boss, My Hero, I watched it till about episode 4 and skipped to the end to see what happened. Again, though Nagase does play an intellectually dumb (do I see a pattern here?) Yakuza heir without any effort, it's Sakura-nantoka who annoys me; he's like that cute little kid next-door that uses his cuteness to extort money and candy out of you and I personally don't find him all that cute.

But as far as T&G goes, Toravolta and Taiga, taiga, jiiire-taigaaaa! Pretty much sums up the series for me x3;

4. Oguri Shun.
Oguri Shun (pictured right GETTING MARRIED TO NARIMIYA HIROKI) is one of the most awesome actors in the Japanese entertainment industry. He's like a Japanese Johnny Depp really and despite appearing at number four, he is without a doubt, one of my most favourite actors ever.

Shun disappears completely into his roles, unlike Shirota who is really just Shirota in every role. Shun is also not afraid to get a really ugly haircut to show that he's a complete badass who doesn't care about what his hair looks like, like Genji in CROWS ZERO. I love Miura a lot and I think that he's a good actor but the shallow side of me is glad that he stays beautiful in all his roles. And though Shun does play a Yakuza heir in CROWS ZERO, he isn't intellectually dumb, only just a big woobie deep down. I love Nagase, he plays Yakuza roles like he was born into the world just to play Yakuza members and...never mind, forget what I said. Nagase is also one of my favourite actors.

Shun brings debonair and sex-appeal to Hanazawa Rui, becomes the naïve and geeky Koyama Kazumi. The aloof, UST-driven athlete Sano Izumi. The mysterious genius Minamoto Munetaka. The badass bully with a soft heart, Uchiyama Haruhiko. The silent, victimized Yoshikawa Noboru with appropriately discolored underwear. The Yakuza heir who should have spent less money on boots and more money on a better barber, Takiya Genji. And of course, who can forget his brief but memorable cameo in Ikebukuro West Gate Park as the character whom no one knows the name of, but totally went “LOL OMG! IT’S SHUN!” And a whole lot of other dramas and movies that I haven’t seen.

Though I’d have to ask him to keep his day job as an actor, because his past two voice acting gigs left much to be desired.

Shun is also known for being BFF's with Tsukamoto Takashi and having RANDOM GAY PHOTOSHOOTS TOGETHER.

5. Kubozuka Yosuke.
KUBOZUKA YOSUKE is a name that anyone who loves Japanese dramas should already know. Though he doesn’t have an endless list of dramas and I’ve really just watched about four of them, he’s left that much impression on me, especially in Ikebukuro West Gate Park. I mentioned it before, but I’ve truly decided now that IWGP is my number one most favourite drama EVER and Kubozuka’s Andoh Takashi A.K.A. King in my number one most favourite character ever!

What can I say about King, except that he is one of the best characters ever to have appeared in any drama ever made? You know Kusano Akira from Nobuta wo Produce? Well, that character was portrayed by Yamashita Tomohisa who has a role in IWGP as Shun (though most commonly known as The Anime Freak-how he ever won Best Newcomer for that role is beyond me; he was as wooden as Hayden Christensen in the role that earned him the nickname, Manikin Skywalker) and Kusano Akira is basically a cheap knock-off wearing something other than white and is in high school. Kubozuka’s King is one of the most unique, most mysterious and complex characters to ever have graced my television screen. He likes ice-cream, hates fish, in the drama he’s dating an older woman names Jessie who looks like an old Filipino transvestite and loves Nagase’s character, Makoto, so truly and completely that you expect him to just suddenly feel him up…oh wait, he did...WHILE BOTH WERE NAKED IN THE ONSEN!

It even got to a point where you just suddenly expect him to lean over and kiss Makoto on the lips…oh wait, HE DID! After beating the complete shit out of Makoto because he was against gang violence and fights and then he promptly disbands the gang he loves so much because Makoto WANTED him to!

Did I mention that in the manga, King is gay?

I’d talk more about IWGP, but that’s for another post. one of the many that I plan but never get around to type

Then there’s Long Love Letter, which a lot of people found confusing and stupid, I found it interesting and complex. It has Kubozuka as a teacher (after his gig as a high school student in GTO and college student in Strawberry on the Shortcake) who, while telling his sad tale of love lost, KISSES YAMADA TAKAYUKI ON THE LIPS then tells him that it’s now something that can never be erased from his past. In his two movies that I only watched halfway because of reasons that I personally don’t know, he plays a Ping-Pong player and a Japanese boys of Korean origins.

From Drama Wiki: In 2004, he survived after falling 26 metres from his 9th floor apartment. He continues to rebuild his career after this apparent suicide attempt.

Edited Oguri Shun

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