The 'OMG-It's-A-Post!' Post

Jan 16, 2008 11:15

Two months since my last entry? Yeah, I suck. It seems that the times of writing leave me; these days, my interests lay more within the realm of celeb gossip at ohnotheydidnt, where the 'Celebrities are disposable, the content isn't' which is fair enough. I personally think that Earth needs to dispose of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and majority of the knocked up celebs nowadays. It's like a fad in Hollywood, you know. Where we (the normal, common folk whose income yearly comes to less than a five digit number) are interested in Yo-yo's at one moment and Japanese dramas the next, these celebs think that a bun in the over is the next big thing.

Before we know it, K-Fed will become the poster boy for good parenthood. In the immortal words of Jal; "Oh, Jesus."

Oh, did I mention that I jumped into a new fandom bandwagon? Skins. Awesome new British show that I was introduced to. It has everything one girl need to get by; hot guys, sex, booze, drugs and a buff, blonde gay who is incredibly PRETTY! Seriously, Maxxie is like Justin Taylor in many ways minus the campyness and times 100 in the hotness department. Seriously, after Jensen Ackles grew muscles, I haven't seen a pretty guy like that since my J-drama loving days. Did I mention the buff part? Seriously!

I'm not really all that into dancing, but I do know one thing; anyone who can talk on the phone while tap-dancing AND making it look GOOD, is A-okay in my book.

Did I mention the gay part? At one point, the boy from About a Boy who's all grown up actually goes down on him...sure, apparently that he isn't any good at it, but...yeah. PRETTY MEN!!

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