The Mukodono Post

Jul 31, 2007 23:01

Thanks to everyone who suggested the programs in the last post. I haven't yet had the chance at the side of being a wee bit lazy to reply to then ^^;;

On a different note; seriously, 4 episodes in and I have already decided that I love Mukodono 2003 a WHOLE lot MORE than the original series. I suppose it only does to reinforce the fact that I don't like what other people normally like. Of course, it helps that Nagase Tomoya is at his absolute finest (after Hakusen Nagashi) as Sakuraba Yuichiro.

But it's all the other things the girls family. I can safely say that her father should have stayed the leader of the Oedo family :3 I think one of my favourites is Minami's eldest sister. She's awesome! <3<3

Oh, did I mention that I am absolutely in love with James Phelps who plays Fred Weasley? :3 I can even tell them apart in videos now without the big banner stating their names x3;

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