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Mar 30, 2006 21:04

On the subject of Genius 305, for some reason, I still do have hope that last minute, Konomi pulls a complete three-sixty and NOT go on with it. Or just have Ryoma change his mind or something. I don't know why, I guess you could just call it fangirl intuition.

*gets back to being HAPPY about Hyoteimyu*

I'll get it in about a month and at such a ( Read more... )

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cwazy_weiven March 30 2006, 15:42:02 UTC
Shame ;; But good, in a way, Hyoteimyu-though cheap compared to some of the prices I've seen-will still be costly x_X I'm also considering getting the Hyoteimyu soundtrack. By the way, do you have the Hyotei-Seigaku rendition of Do Your Best? I played it on Youtube but it kept stalling ;; And Tezuka~ Yeah, no more Shirota-Aiba lovin' or Shirota-Kazuki almost kisses TT______TT I wonder what the next Tezuka will look like. I'm sure he won't have as nice a voice as Shirota ;; Shirota and Kazuki has the best voices~♥ I heart the duet and didn't know which one I wanted to listen to most xD They're both awesome!~♥ I hope Kazuki will make more appearance is the next musicals.

I know! Yay =D Can't wait to get it SO MUCH! Next week must come soon~♥

Yes *__* I really couldn't believe that he was a guy xD;

*so in love with Kazuki and Shirota*


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cwazy_weiven March 31 2006, 10:52:28 UTC
Thankies! ^__^ Oh, and if you can upload Ore-sama no Bigi-ni Boogie Woogie and Yudan Sezu ni Ikou that would be awesome. Mega upload doesn't seem to work for me anymore o_O What other song do you reccomend?

That's the part I'm looking forward the most (after the myu's) ^______^ ~♥

Not really. Was just looking at the pictures. Do you have some?

^_______________^ *glomps*


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