The HanaKimi 2 Post - Extended Version

Jul 13, 2007 23:20


HanaKime episode 2 TOTALLY made up for episode 1! Totally, completely and utterly. Not only was there KYAAAA!!! KISS MAN!!!! and KYAAA!! SHIROTA!!!! and more KYAAA!! KISS MAN PART 2!!!! NAKATSU X SANO!!! KYAAA!! NAKATSU GAY PINK AURA!! KYAA CROSSDRESSING!! KYAA!! PICKLE LOVE!! KYAA!! GAYNESS!! KYAA CROSSDRESSING!! KYAA!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Not to mention the fact that I didn't think that Oguri Shun could POSSIBLY, POSSIBLY get any hotter than his 50 percent more hotness in episode 1, but he blew away the added hotness level by showing up and upping the scale by a whooping 30 percent!! I thought he was hot in Hanadan...but it's liek, so liek obvious that his hotness level reaches past scalding and into first degree burns when his hair is black, long, he wears a hot earring and is in plain clothes.

There's nothing more beautiful than Oguri Shun in jeans! Shun in jeans is just a beautiful thing. Why does Japan have all the beautiful eye candy? Can't we get some over here too? ;__;

Okay, maybe Shirota Yuu in an orange (ORANGE!! getting advice tips from Makoto, anyone? Although it is waaaay better than the pin stripe one he wore in Hice Cool and just about anything in his wardrobe really) track suit comes close...but--KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Shirota bad ass makes my heart go Doki, Doki! After getting used to his holier than thou presence in Tenimyu, it's a breath of fresh air to see his ass being the smirking, moking and taunting thing that we all knew was a part burried somewhere deep inside him just waiting to burst out!

KYAAAAA!! Shirota and Shun in character standing in such a close vicinity to each other is not healthy for the heart...or any type of liquid gland, really.

Did I mention KISS MAN!! The sheer awesomeness of Sano drunk and kissing is just mind blowing and drool inducing!

Will Sano and Kagurazaka get more scenes together? OHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE!!!

Will KISS MAN!! make a comeback? I HOPE SO!! I just love the sexing up of the entire male population of the school. Sano gay is a beautiful thing. MOREPLEASE!

Nakatsu also made up for his lack of awesome in episode 1 by being gay, letting off pink gay aura and continously reassuring himself of his straightness. I APPROVE!

Keep this up and I might even download the series. Now excuse me now while I have a moment of sane reminiscing.

review au revoir

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