The Tomoya Nagase Post

Jul 11, 2007 23:30

This is me feeling irritable/annoyed/easily ticked/generally pissed off at the world. Why, hello, mood-swing. I haven't seen you around these parts in a while. Are you staying? I really hope not, because I'm already being hounded by phones that only ring when I step out the door, people who only want something when I'm doing something else and facing the prospect of another at least 5 hours without Tomoya Nagase! even thought that's a lie... hello tharrr internet and Boss-less office, I didn't see you standing there

Of course, it doesn't help that I slept at 5.30 a.m. this morning and subsequently woke up at 6.05 a.m.; got showered, drove my brother to school and came to work. Although, it was something worth losing an immense amount of sleep over, that;
HAKUSEN NAGASHI where Tomoya Nagase looks like THIS.

This is me stemming by bloody nose.

Tell me, what can be better than an EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELEY hot, brooding hunk with a bad past?

An EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELEY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELEY hot, brooding hunk with a bad past and had angst!!

It doesn't help at ALL that I just spent 700 MYR on a new carburator for my car, recieved my Ouran and Genbu Kaiden manga that has just done to remind me that I'd forked out 190 MYR for paper with drawing that's been sticked together! and will go to change my car absorber later.

I'm looking at broke, and the sight is not pleasant to the eyes!

*stares at NAGASE*

All better now.

Ps- Did you know that Naga means dragon in Malaysian language? :3 Now if you go by the Terengganu dialect, and pronounce the 'Se' with a longer 'e', it'll mean One Dragon. I just love dragons!

Thus, according to my calculations:

Me <3 Dragon.

Nagase = 1 Dragon.


Nagase + Dragon = Reiven wuuuuub Nagase!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

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