The Gokusen and their Sentai Post

Jan 05, 2007 13:28

Thank to a series of midnight surf activities and sleep deprivation, I have come to the brilliant and statistical conclusion that 2 out of 5 Japanese actors of the Sentai series I’d Wiki’d up have, at one point in their career, acted in Gokusen or its equally cast-liciou sequel. Now I’m here hoping that at one point in the future that they will act in the Prince of Tennis Musicals. These droolworthy hot sexy slashable shounen studly eyegasmers talented guys are sadly, sadly under appreciated *glares at the lack of Tomita Shou and Yuji Kido info*

Update on life…

I’m in a particular pissy mood today and I don’t know why. Also, Operation New Years Resolution stage one: Complete. Yosh! I swear that in six months, I’ll have the entire man population of the East Coast at my feet! >D (/Kidding)

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