Here lies what's left of my life, in Kuroko's Basket of gay

Oct 02, 2012 22:05

Once again, after very little convincing over a short period of time, bloodtaki2 has once again succeeded in bringing me over to the dark side where the men are hot and the ships sail themselves, because after much hesitation over a long period of time, I have watched and finished Kuroko no Basket. bloodtaki2, if you don't know, is like a drug dealer handing out free, drug-laced candy to grade school children, only eviller. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, YOU FANDOM-WHORING, SLEEP STEALING WRETCH!

I started watching it with really no expectations because a) it's a shounen sports anime and if you've seen one shounen sports anime, you've seen them all. And b) it's a shounen sports anime about basketball (see: Slam Dunk). The show itself can't hold a candle to the awesomeness that is Slam Dunk and despite some not unexpected similarities (the red hair, the ability to jump high, the number 10 jersey...etc), Kagami Taiga taiga, jiiiiire taigaaaa is no Sakuragi Hanamichi.

Sakuragi VS. Kagami

Izuki VS. his older self in an alternate universe Roy Mustang

Despite that and the fact the show takes anime sport ability ridiculousness to an entirely new level, I really enjoyed it. The characters are awesome, it brought Kise Ryota and Aomine Daiki into my life and tbh I haven't laughed this hard watching an anime since Ouran. And it's like the first sports anime where I actually care about the average Joe members of the team, like Izuki Shun who a) looks like a younger Roy Mustang and places on my Chart Of Awesome by default, b) shares almost the same name as Izaki Shun and thus places even higher! and c) has one of the many ridiculous abilities on the show the Eagle's Eye. The aforementioned Roy Mustang's must trusted subordinate is the ex-sniper - wait for it - LT. Riza Hawkeye. Ba-dum-ching.

Even the side characters I normally wouldn't have looked twice at (if I actually even looked at them in the first place) like the captain, Hyuuga, who turns into the awesome kouhai-intimidating dark!Hyuuga when people - especially kouhai's - piss him off while he's in his clutch mode. Don't ask me what that even means. I'd actually like him a lot more if he had less generic, sports anime hair. Then there's Koga, whom I wouldn't even have remembered if not for the fact that he's Seirin's number one member who 'can do anything, but succeeds at nothing'. Then there's Mitobe who's actually rather hot in a nondescript, silent way. Hell, he doesn't even have a listed seiyuu. Of course this doesn't apply to all the side characters, like the other guy, the Sunggyu and the unimportant first years.

lol I just realized that four paragraphs in and I haven't even mentioned the main protagonist and namesake FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW, Kuroko.


Kise Ryota: I haven't seen a man this beautiful since...since...I haven't seen a man this beautiful! I mean JUST LOOK AT HIM. He's in constant state of bishie sparkles regardless of the location, the situation or the time and I swear the anime kicks up a couple of notches anytime he's on screen. It's like the artists themselves are putting forward their best work like it's the logical thing to do because it's Kise, why wouldn't they?

Seriously do I need to say more? If I left it at that would anyone really go 'I don't know I may need more convincing'

He sparkles even when there's sweat flying. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

What's that? Characterization? Kise is MADE OF CHARACTER. I occurred to me earlier that he's a little like Ouran's Tamaki. Genuinely bright on the outside but super intense on the inside, Kise that is. Tamaki can be intense when he wants to be, but most of the time he's really just marshmallows and kittens despite his history. And all this crap about Kise being the weakest of the Generation of Miracles? Don't make me roflmao or even lol. Obviously he'd be the weakest among super talented players who'd probably spent their whole lives playing basketball and perfecting their craft -- for now. He only started playing in his second year, was then accepted into the Generation of Miracles gang and made regular. If you calculate his level of play against the time he's been playing and compare it to stronger players who have been playing longer, he's mathematically far from being the weakest ANYTHING.

My immediate reaction upon reaching the end of the anime: does this mean no more Kise? Phooey. Thankfully I have the manga to look forward to.

kise ryota why you so sexy, kuroko's basket of gay

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