Infinite in your comeback list, slaying all your oppars

May 16, 2012 02:39

First thing's first: Why is Infinitize not a full length song? Seriously, how could supposedly sane producers of the album listen to that intro and not go 'hmm, maybe this song should be a full length song because it's just that damn awesome'. That guitar riff in the beginning makes this whole album for me seriously. If I heard nothing else from ( Read more... )

review au revoir, infinite flawless perfection

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kazu_kumaguro May 15 2012, 19:33:32 UTC
Why is Infinitize not a full length song? IA SFM
but then it works so well as an intro so umn hmm yeah I know I'm fail X____X


cwazy_weiven May 15 2012, 19:35:22 UTC
It does, but it's so awesome I want more of it ;u:


opal May 15 2012, 19:38:55 UTC
screw infinitize, why isn't the teaser song for the chaser mv not a full song

or a remix c'mon woollim do your fans right

i think this may be infinite's weakest mini yet. some of these songs should've been on paradise, or released as osts.

i really agree that only tears should've stayed sunggyu's solo. his performance totally shat on the official version. tic toc 2.0 should be re-worked to make it less like tic toc.


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