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Feb 14, 2012 15:30

I was almost uncharacteristically productive yesterday. I spent the whole day cleaning my room (there are still unfolded laundry strewn about and trousers hanging off the TV and a giant basket of manga's sitting like a pink elephant in the middle of my room) but if you know me irl, you'd agree that this is a big improvement even if it may not seem ( Read more... )

this entry pwns you and your first born, infinite flawless perfection, my creys u guise

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bloodtaki2 February 14 2012, 12:37:27 UTC
I was reading through this and waiting for the part about Dongwoon, because the part about Infinite (composing 85% of the post) is the standard subject.
And thank you very much, you dumb bitch for making spazz and have all these feels just by READING that stupid post. WHAT IS A REPUTATION


cwazy_weiven February 14 2012, 13:57:09 UTC
Best part of last night tbh. I had more to post but after I got a bit sleepy I completely forgot about it. I'm going on 35 hours no sleep right now and am running on all natural Shut Up! Flower Boy Band based fuel @w@ CAN YOU TELL HUH HUH HUH CAN YOU

HELLO~ GENIUS HERE~! I'm just misunderstood ;~;


bloodtaki2 February 14 2012, 15:27:02 UTC
Just... What do you do for a living?! OTL

That was the most painful part of yesterday.

Did you read the fic, in the end?


cwazy_weiven February 14 2012, 18:36:45 UTC
My dad runs a chalet business. I worked in a stock broking company for four years before I resigned (because I was getting paid the equivalent of proverbial beans) I really liked my job too. So basically I've been lazying about doing nothing, helping my dad manage the business. I still want to get an outside job, but I've been unemployed for so long it's hard getting back into that working groove.

What painful? It was absolutely GLORIOUS! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Infinite/SUFBB one? I did and I enjoyed it. I would have liked it more if the other guys had had weird encounters with not-L and not-Hyunsoo respectively.


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