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Feb 14, 2012 15:30

I was almost uncharacteristically productive yesterday. I spent the whole day cleaning my room (there are still unfolded laundry strewn about and trousers hanging off the TV and a giant basket of manga's sitting like a pink elephant in the middle of my room) but if you know me irl, you'd agree that this is a big improvement even if it may not seem that way. And no, I'm not a slob by nature, I'm just...messily organized.

I repainted 1/4 of my room where the paint had been eaten away by the elements--added a couple of Infinite symbols here and there in the while--painted half my closet, then when I finished cooked pasta and potato salad for 8 adults, watched Shut Up! Flower Boy Band episode 5 unsubbed on Tudou, spilled a large amount of creys over Second Invasion and Dongwoo and Hoya and Myungsoo and their touching tears of happy mangst and nostalgic joy, then proceeded to coo over them a little bit more just for added effect, then trolled the SUFBB tag on Tumblr, started having immense amounts of FEELS for menacing-ice-prince Hyunsoo, stalked Infinite some more, made some new Dongwoo icons, had multiple epic win convos with bloodtaki2 on FB about but not limited to a) Infinite b) Infinite c) Woohyun d) Infinite e) Second Invasion f)overwhelming amount of FEELS g)spilled gallons of creys over their perfection h)talked about how perfect Beast's Dongwoon is and if the stylist ever gave him a haircut that accentuated his dazzling perfection that he would not only be the Arab Prince, but also the prince of everything that is beautiful, holy and bishie-sparkling h)talked about Infinite some more.

This went on through the night and at about 9.30 am I slept for about an hour before I got up, stalked Infinite and Second Invasion and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band some more, had breakfast and said I'd continue with yesterday's room cleaning project, but surprise surprise, here I am again.

So there you have it folks, a guide to being a spazztastic Infinite stan who does actually have better things to do, but just prefers not to do it.

this entry pwns you and your first born, infinite flawless perfection, my creys u guise

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