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Jan 11, 2012 15:55

As a follow up to this post, I eventually decided to get the gold/black angel ring and the gold squiggly one (I originally wanted the silver one, but it was sold out) but it all worked out for the best anyway ( Read more... )

jdw: a man so nice i tagged him thrice, wild eyed angelic smile is dongwoo, dongwoo completely flaw free since 1990, infinite flawless perfection

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opal January 11 2012, 11:30:49 UTC
Aww, if I didn't have fat fingers I'd totally order a ring. I have winged earrings similar to those and it'd be nice to match them with.

I thought the black/gold one had more stones on it in the preview? It's still nice looking, though. Your bag is pretty as well!


cwazy_weiven January 12 2012, 15:19:18 UTC
What size ring do you wear? Because I don't have thin fingers either. LOL I have winged earrings too and it was partially the reason why I got the ring, the other part being Dongwoo.

It was a bit smaller than I thought, but other than that I really like it. I almost laughed the first time I saw the bag x3


opal January 12 2012, 15:33:06 UTC
I'm a US 8 on my left ring finger (no telling on the right, but it is bigger), so it's usually hard to find cute rings like that in my size.

XD Does that bag remind you of Dongwoo's ~wild eyes~


cwazy_weiven January 12 2012, 15:43:57 UTC
I bought a 7 but I don't know which measurement they use. It fits on both my left and right finger.

Sungyeol actually, he seems partial to shirts with the heart on it. And lol one of them in that gif is the stripes with the tiny red heart that is my bag.


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