Oct 09, 2011 19:08

I came on earlier, completely unsuspecting, expecting another normal day of Infinite's promotions. Though there's nothing normal about Infinite's performances, more like spectacular. Especially this week since they started promotions on those TO DIE FOR suits looking for all intents and purposes, absolutely TO DIE FOR.

Then all of a sudden BAM I get hit in face by INFINITE WINNING INKIGAYO! Fucking hell I knew a win was inevitable (Paradise is absolute perfection) but I honestly didn't expect one a) so early in their promotion cycle, since it's they're second week of performances and the first week they're actually eligible to win. Though they did come in second at MCD and Music Bank. And b) because they're up against so many other big name artists like KARA, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Davinci, Sung Shi Kyung and B1A4 (who from I've heard have really gained a lot of fans in such a short period of time). I think the combination of all their reactions is pretty much every single thing I felt watching the winner video (again and again and again and again).

This time around it was Sungyeol and Sunggyu's reactions that really hit home for me. Sungyeol just looked absolutely stunned then he became all teary eyed and Sunggyu was absolutely speechless. Myungsoo was his usual :D self for the duration, but you can really see the joy and elation he's feeling twinkling in his eyes (and this is me not being sappy at all). Hoya again shows us that under that tough exterior, there's a really mushy and squishy person trying to get out. I remember Hoya's back story the most from Sesame Player, how he wrote that he'll only return home once he becomes successful and I think of this every single time I hear that Infinite's album is doing well and how well they're doing on music chart ranks.

I think Woohyun is really an articulate person. He says things and gives speeches that can really tug at my heartstrings. What he said in his thank you speech is exactly the reason why I love Infinite and why I KNOW I will continue to love them in the future. Sungjong didn't get much screen time in their winning video, but I still want to hold him and hug him and call him my own. And last, but certainly not least, Dongwoo. I love this boy so much. It feels like he's gotten the crying part out of the way when they won the first time and this happy and bouncy Dongwoo hugging everyone from behind and having his own little celebration party behind all the members (with UKISS? I see you there Dongwoo and Kevin) and living in his own fabulous little world where everything is beautiful and happy and everyone smiles all the time. This is what makes Dongwoo such an amazing and beautiful person and why I love him so much.

In some ways, this win feels just as important as their first win. Like I said, not only are they up against what is pretty much the cream of the crop of KPOP, but they've also proved that they're not just one-trick ponies. This is their second week of promoting and the first week of being eligible to win and to win at this stage is really a spectacular thing to achieve. From their reaction (and how they're like standing right at the back) I don't think they expected it either. And I absolutely love the way Super Junior went over to congratulate them. I really wish SM would give them better songs, then I'd have a reason to stan them again. I love Sujufinite interaction so much.

Watching Infinite grow; celebrating their little achievements, like reaching number 9 on the charts and having 19000+ members of their fancafe, to this day seeing them take their third WIN on a music show and having over 40000 members in their fan cafe, it has been a wondrous sight to behold and the journey to this place has been a fantastic one. I look forward to being on many more journeys and watching what more they can achieve and how much further they can go, it will be my pleasure and my honour.


And I just realized; Infinite's first win 010911, and tonight 091011. The numbers 0, 1 and 9 have really be lucky for these boys.

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