Sep 29, 2011 19:18

I don't care what happens from here on out. I love Infinite; my bias list is forever nonexistent and really I don't think I can put a number on a list ranking these boys apart from number 1 and that is and forever will be Jang Dongwoo. I don't care whether Hoya may technically be the best dancer (usually) I don't care if Sunggyu is ON HIS KNEES (okay maybe he's like 1.5 on the nonexistent list). I don't care if Woohyun shows his abs or is an amazing vocalist. I don't care if Sungjong suddenly becomes even manlier. I don't care that Sungyeol suddenly exploded with hotness. I don't care that Myungsoo is the definition of Sexy Back. I don't care about anything at all because Jang Dongwoo just performed Paradise and it was beautiful.

His HO HEY as he moves up to the front of the formation during the second half of the chorus seriously made me shudder. I clasped my face in barely contained excitement I'm not even joking. The two seconds of Dongwoo leading up to Hoya's part is seriously THE MOST SEXY TWO SECONDS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Infinite were absolutely flawless in this performance, but my eyes were on Dongwoo from beginning to end and seriously there's a reason why Dongwoo is the center/front of the formation half the time (and in a group of 7 people that's like almost for the whole thing), this performance and this choreography WAS DONGWOO. Good lord and seriously Dongwoo and Hoya constantly getting the sleeveless I'M NOT COMPLAINING THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! And although the concept photos were gorgeous all around, I was a bit eeeh about Dongwoo's hair. I HAVE NO SUCH QUALMS NOW. THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN IS A GORGEOUS SIGHT TO BEHOLD. I thought his hair was sexy during early BTD and Be Mine, it's fucking spectacular now. He needs to keep his style and colour forever!

And do I even have to mention his rap part? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Dongwoo can just ooze swag when he wants to and this rap section is quite possibly the sexiest rap sextion (YES I SERIOUSLY TYPED SEXTION RIGHT THERE) section of any Infinite song (outside of Tic Toc) ever. This boy is so FIIIIIIINE and he raps so FIIIIIIINE JANG DONGWOO YOU ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE DON'T EVER CHANGE

Paradise came out and I've written like 3 paragraphs of how perfect Dongwoo is and how much I love him and while I HAVE NO REGRETS, one might think that I didn't love everything else; which is not true at all.

SUNGGYU IS ON HIS KNEES (and besides Dongwoo) NOTHING ELSE MATTERS God his vocals are just amazing. Both he and Woohyun should have been cast for Immortal song. I thought he had the best parts in Nothing's Over and Be Mine was all Woohyun tbh, but this song belongs to both of them. Their voices here are so amazing and fabulous, especially Woohyun's part before the bridge and Sunggyu's part during the bridge. It gives me chills every single time.

I thought Myungsoo's vocals were so improved when I heard Paradise, especially the vocal acrobat he did during his part, but I was a bit worried whether he would be able to do it live because I heard him do it during the practice video and it felt a bit off, but he just blew it completely out of the water tonight.

Good god Hogod. I am not worthy of this sex of a man. His has such a gorgeous husky voice that is an absolute pleasure on the ears. But it feels like Dongwoo hits the moves in this performance even harder than Hoya. Dongwoo hits the moves but at the same time flows with it so effortlessly. His dancing is such a pleasure to behold.

Though not enough Sungjong shots tonight, this boy is absolutely fine and I'm sure if it's live, but it sounds like it is and if so I am so so proud of Sungyeol tonight. He's been working on his confidence while delivering his lines and it shows. I think getting that rap part in Cover Girl really helped him.

Seriously it's been like a week since they last performed Be Mine and to no one's shock it feels like they have improved ten folds. These boys are so flawless and talented and amazing in everything they do I'm so happy they're finally getting the recognition they deserve and I hope Paradise gets the recognition BTD so deserved. If that happens than everything will be PERFECT like Infinite.

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