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Sep 20, 2020 21:49

I'm skipping trying to be coherent about writing because I have to grade all the things, write two exams and get back to writing that Big Bang before I run out of time because I'm running out of time!

But first I did get to hike and here's me from yesterday's hike in my Be Super Good shirt from Michael Sheen and Misha Collin's charity drive.

So let's just have those writing links. WOOT.

From around the web:

Can You Rely On Amazon To Distribute Your Books This Holiday?

How To Sabotage Your Self-Published Book (in five easy steps) (definitely agree about the bad art and the chest beating. I have seen too much of both)

Eleven More Ways To Look At Your Story

How Studying Psychology Has Influenced My Writing

How Writers Can Make Peace With Their Busy Minds

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Writing About Addiction and Recovery Bonnie E. Carlson

6 Tips to Choosing the Right Point of View

And from Betty:

Using Imagery In Your Writing

How To Write A Killer First Page For Your Novel

Getting Feedback On Your Writing Without Losing Control

Your Premise Determines Your Characters

The Crucial Link Between Your Story’s Inciting Event and Climactic Moment

Create a Powerful Story Cast: A Master List of Character-Building Resources

Seven Ways Jokes Can Sabotage Your Story

Can My Protagonist Be Directionless Without Frustrating Readers?

Conflict Thesaurus Entry: Lacking an Important Resource

How a Character’s Job Can Awaken Unmet Needs

Awesome Writing Tips From 6 Famous Writers

I think I shared this before but here it is again

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