Just screw this year

Sep 18, 2020 23:16

I was broken to learn Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and infuriated Bitch McConnell was already out there saying Trump's pick should be installed immediately. After he obstructed Obama who was in the same near election situation. I have never wished bad things on people as much as I do him and Trump and that is SUCH an ugly feeling. I don't want it in my head but I can't dislodge it.

It certainly dampened my enthusiasm for my zoom tonight but I went (I still need to go donate) Geoffrey Blake is apparently doing zoom workshops for young actors. I turned up for Lou Diamond Phillips of course and it was fun but I bailed after an hour and a half (and learned from a friend who attended it went to at least 10 pm when Lou left along with Dermott Mulroney who also showed up. So it was entertaining and I'm glad I went. However, in spite of selecting NO camera, there was camera. I had no option to turn it off. Glad I at least planned for that.

I'm going to off and be sad


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