I think I'm caught up

Sep 17, 2020 21:55

I didn't have to go in today as I'm supposed to be off Thursdays and now that DM's back I am (Did I mention she didn't even thank me for subbing for her? Yeah...)

But it literally took me all day to pull all the notes out where admin wanted them and put them in a folder called YOUR NOTES, you know making it easy(so far the students hate this fancy new way of doing Blackboard and they're vocal about it) and then to fix all the screwed up exams. Sigh.

All the work I did doing orientation for students came to nothing too. Out of the seven I did, only 2 students showed up. SIIIIIIIIIIIIGH

I decided to attend the Zoom session with Lou Diamond Phillips tomorrow and I wish I could find Instagram more intriguing. I miss every insta-lives (I never hear about them so there's that) But anyhow Tom Payne did one last night (that a friend attended) and I learned two things a) people in these chats are insipid seriously (looking at what they typed that were in the screen caps) and b) there is likely to only be 13 episodes of Prodigal Son S2 which is understandable.

But I found this to be weird. Stumptown renewal revoked Honestly I wasn't sold on this thing. I only watched two or three of them and the rest on on my DVR but I know some of you all liked this.

I'm having tons of pain right now, all from the nerves in my back. Both of my thighs feel like they're being branded. You know what body, you're STILL going hiking on Saturday if you have to pull yourself along by your lips. I never get to go out there when there are fall flowers because normally I'm at festivals from Labor day to Halloween. Well it's going to be in the 60s and you're going in the woods with your Gandalf staff so suck it up.

mia vita pazzo, work

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