Sometimes I hate I'm pessimistic

Sep 16, 2020 22:49

I try not to be. It's deeply ingrained. Case in point, today under my pen name someone friended me and then went into a review FB post for my novella to tell me that they aren't active on FB or messenger and they had questions about my novella they thought was better not asked in public.

Am I being a pessimist in thinking this isn't good? On one hand I'm like they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of friending me if it was bad. On the other, if it was good would they care it's public? So I did email them as they asked.

And now I'm waiting...and waiting. Sigh.

I did set it aside so I don't worry all night. I have enough of that with all my friends and family in the path of Hurricane Sally.

And wondering about friends who are leaving FB in droves (Understandably so) but they've left lj/dw too and some I'm totally out of contact with and now going to lose more. This isn't that uncommon but it's happening en masse lately and it makes me sad.

I had a plot idea that I'm putting here. I should make a story idea tag, it would be easier than searching my hard drive. Anyhow, sparked by Prodigal Son, Silence of the Lambs, an episode of DS9, I was thinking what if in a SF/F world, a group of people do have reincarnation but a tiny handful of them remember all their past lives and one of those lives is a killer, whispering in the current body's ear how to solve a current case

eta - I HAD made that tag earlier on. cool.

story ideas

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