[ficathon] let's throw a free-for-all

Jul 03, 2018 16:54

So, yesterday I had a really dreadful hospital appointment and I am angry and frustrated and in dire need of distraction so... let's do something creative and unproductive to take up brainspace! (thanks kwritten for nudging me, too)

1. Any fandom is welcome, this is an anything goes situation Crossovers are not only welcome but encouraged!
2. Prompt as much as you wish, but make a separate comment for each prompt. The more prompts, the better, trust me.
3. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt). Art, fic, meta, fill with whatever. Multiple fills of any kind are encouraged!
4. Feedback is much appreciated, but you knew that already.
5. Have fun!
fic masterlist!

thing-a-thons, !let's throw a free-for-all ficathon

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