icon dump: take a hint

Mar 15, 2017 23:06

I've sporadically made icons for AGES now for various things and left most of them just kinda... languishing on my laptop? so there is a very random and Expansive array of things here.

but first things first: I WATCHED VICTORIOUS AND IT'S LOWKEY TAKEN OVER MY LIFE OKAY. I've been yelling my thoughts and feelings at kwritten for the last two weeks bc all ( Read more... )

faking it, icons whoooo!, new girl, the lost boys, marvel, wicdiv, the royal tenanbaums, community, victorious, cruel intentions, sunny, all the fandoms, gossip girl, the 100, misc, btvs

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snogged March 16 2017, 02:37:09 UTC
Ooh! Fabulous!

I especially adore your Cruel Intentions icon.


clockwork_hart1 March 16 2017, 13:13:58 UTC
yay! glad you like them sweetie!

cruel intentions is an underappreciated masterpiece tbh


lynzie914 March 16 2017, 21:05:45 UTC
these are not terrible at all. don't lie in comments.

I love these and saved so many. now I have victorious icons! (which I totally need to do a rewatch of myself. and i'm looking forward to fic that might come from you from watching the show. so many places to go.) I think I saved icons from everything but the raven section because I don't watch the show. but those are super pretty too, I love your crop and coloring choices. and just you in general. :D


clockwork_hart1 March 20 2017, 16:19:42 UTC
hi, ilu.

my default feelings about my things are: this is terrible, no one should see it ever. and then i encourage people to go see the thing anyway. it's a whole thing.

i'm glad you like the things! yay!

victorious is like. the most delightful thing ever? im in love. i have some semi-ficcish things living on my gdocs already but they are messy and nonsensical feelings-y nonsense rn that i'm going to play with until they become things or they fall apart.

ALSO: next week is my birthday, so im thinking of doing something? like a weeklong ficathon maybe? I haven't like. worked out anything specific yet but i wanna do something so watch this space?


clockwork_hart1 March 21 2017, 12:15:51 UTC
i used the word thing like 1000 times in this comment...


clockwork_hart1 March 22 2017, 00:02:58 UTC

kwritten March 24 2017, 02:44:54 UTC


clockwork_hart1 March 27 2017, 11:52:00 UTC

also... this is a thing


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