fic: just ringing in my ears

Oct 11, 2016 15:51

So this is it. This was meant to be my heroine big bang but things fell wayside and that fell apart but God; this fic has been in production for over a year and outlasted... well, too many things. I realised I was on my 99th story on AO3 and y'know, I really wanted this to be my 100th.

This is the epic model au - it's so ungodly niche that it's unlikely anyone but me will ever truly care about it but it's real now, it's finished, and that's important. It is also incredibly difficult to summarise.

So here's the need-to-know: Amy Pond is a model and Dawn Summers is her jet-setting writer ex. Mental health issues are explored, as are relationships, all beneath the veil of haute couture. Alternatively, it's a story of self-exploration. Oh, and somehow it's ten thousand words.

Thanks to the usual suspect (kwritten) for nudging me about this since its inception (and I'm sure other people were telling me to get this done a year ago but I can't remember who... but I did it)

just ringing in my ears
fandom: doctor who/btvs
pairing: amy/dawn
rating: explicit
excerpt: The flashes could set her on fire, but they don't. Amy smiles and shifts and the clothes shift with her, clasped around her body like a second skeleton bent on entrapment.

I'm not sure what else to say. My life continues to spiral but that's something I'm used to now. Writing is still an outlet (and the poetry is actually going quite well, well enough that it makes me feel happy and almost optimistic - and that's one hell of a something. I love you all.

dawn, fic, amy pond, femslash!, dawn/amy, model au!, inter-fandom lesbian shipping

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