ficathon: what the id wants

Jun 06, 2016 18:52

listen, i'm going in to hospital in exactly a month for some very serious surgery and I need something to occupy my thoughts, so I'm doing this. for myself. for you all.">">
what the id wants ficathon
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^^promote what the hell is this all about?

Well! This is for all those fics you've always wanted to read (or write) but just never found. Maybe the fandom is obscure or it never fit the theme of other ficathons. Maybe it's about a minor character no one loves like you do. Maybe you only thought about it a minute ago. What I'm saying is, the theme here is anything goes. Indulge yourself.

Prompt that space opera au. Give someone the dark fae inspired prose-poem about Blair Waldorf they've always dreamed of. Go nuts! also since faking it got cancelled im very sadface about things so you should prompt me that

rules! (shamelessly stolen from fluffyfrolicker, slightly adapted)

1. all fandoms/characters/whatevers are up for grabs
2. prompt as many things as you want, but make a separate comment for each prompt. the more, the better.
3. when you make a fill, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, fandom, prompt)
4. feedback is ambrosia, but you knew that
5. anonymous posting is a-okay for now but if there's anything upsetting that goes on - trolling, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. - they will be screened or switched off. I will flag anything questionable and delete it. this WILL be enforced
6. tell all your friends + dont let this die on me + have FUN

This should last until the 1st July, and when we have (hopefully) a nice bunch of fics I'll post a masterlist.

thing-a-thons, all the fandoms, !what the id wants ficathon

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