ficathon: femfeb 2017

Feb 09, 2017 19:23

so i'm like a week late? but i TRIED okay.">[/img]">
fem feb 2017! ficathon
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rules! (shamelessly stolen from kwritten, slightly adapted)

1. Any fandom is welcome, as usual. This ficathon (like all my ficathons) is lady-focused, and this one is also focusing on wlw, so please no m/m prompts
I have decided for now that rule 63 is okay - IF one person in the pairing is canonically female (so f!bellamy blake/raven is fine) and trans prompts are also totally fine - PLEASE no transphobia or trans-phobic plotlines.
2. Prompt as much as you wish, but make a separate comment for each prompt. The more prompts, the better, trust me.
3. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt). Art, fic, fill with whatever. Multiple fills encouraged!
4. Feedback is much appreciated, but you knew that already.
5. Have fun!

tumblr post may be forthcoming

EDIT: now with tumblr post

fill | the raven cycle | blue/gewnllian | by happyg_rl for clockwork_hart1

get out of this town (baby we're on fire) | gossip girl (scooby doo fusion / mystery inc. au) | blair/serena |  by clockwork_hart1 for kwritten

I will guide you in the night | the 100 | raven/gina | by clockwork_hart1 for kwritten

i might just... ( comment fic / ao3)| the simpsons | lisa/girls | by clockwork_hart1 for kwritten

Whispers in the backseat | riverdale | betty/veronica by krilymcc for clockwork_hart1

only the smallness of a wildly marbled moon ( comment fic / ao3) | person of interest | root/shaw | teen | by clockwork_hart1 for lynzie914

junk code | person of interest | root/shaw | by beer_good_foamy for lynzie914

the party didn't end until the next one could begin | gossip girl rpf | leighton/blake | teen | by clockwork_hart1 for annemilyforever

some other beginning's end ( comment / AO3) | person of interest | root/shaw | by talkingtothesky for lynzie914

and everyone lives happily ever after (liar) | victorious (btvs fusion) | jade + tori, tori/cat | by kwritten for lynzie914

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